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  1. Always thought that version of Superman was underrated, Supes is one of the few heroes who could pull off wearing mostly white. Lose the blue wrists cuffs and belt buckle, refine the ‘S’ a bit and you have the best redesigned Superman outfit ever.

  2. The ribs on the Specter are phenomenal, & anytime Dean Trippe touches Stephanie Brown, something magical happens. Wait, that sounds terrible, I take it back. Dean Trippe is a good artist & draws a mean Stephanie! There, that is better.

  3. Ha, speed-walking Kid Flash is great. The little belly-jewel on Superman puzzles me, but otherwise it’s nice. Agreed he does a good Steph. I wonder which of his Supergirl costumes he likes better?

  4. Can’t believe I haven’t seen those Spectre and Green Arrow designs before now. They’re amazing! Love your work, Dean.

  5. Dean Trippe! Our ambassador to silver age class and taste.

    Wait, “Dean contributed to the site both in reviews and with his own art . . .”
    I noticed he hasn’t posted here in almost a year and didn’t participate in the last contest. Does that mean he doesn’t review here anymore?

  6. Thanks guys! Man, swell post, Chris. Really nice trip down redesign memory lane. :)

    Yeah, Chris and I still talk things over and inject our own ideas and scout for arts to post, but Chris is expertly managing the day to day posts and helping keep us on a regular schedule, so I can focus on Power Lunch, Butterfly, and the World of Heroes comic shop.

    Shiner – I like the Supergirl with the red skirt and blue tights the best. Slap a modern “S” symbol on it, and I think it’d be good to go. :)

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