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  1. I liked some of the details from Nova’s previous “Annihilation” uniform, such as the helmet. With this new uniform, I like that it’s more spacesuit like instead of a spandex costume.
    Has it been revealed it’s actually Rich Rider though?

    @David: where is the “epic fail” line? Curious.

  2. I like the new look, but I liked his “Annihilation” look too! I’m actually wondering if this is Richard Rider or not. I mean McGuiness is good at making characters look deceptively young.

  3. Love the design. I wonder if it’s Rich, somehow, Rich’s little brother, or someone new. Still pretty darn cool.

  4. I like it. It’s tough though, because the Nova Prime lewk was so strong. My hope is that this isn’t RR so we can has boths.

    The best part is making the helmet black. Works really well.

  5. Place your bets that this “Nova” is around for a second just so we get attached and then Rich returns. I like that the suit looks more like armor and less like a costume but the helmet looks weird to me and the colors (I know its the geek nazi in me) are wrong. Unless this kid is like Garthan Saal (AKA Supernova or Nova Omega) the colors dont match. Anyway I miss Rich

  6. It’s hard for me to hate on this one even a little bit because I absolutely love McGuinness’ work. His art makes me feel like I’m watching the best Saturday morning cartoon ever, every time! He’s one of the first illustrators in the business that really made me fall in love with comic books. I’d really just have to see this drawn by someone else to be a fair judge.

  7. Panel 1 looks like a John Cassaday cover.The helmet in the first 2 panels seems more like Shredder without the mouthpiece, but it finally works in 3-5. It’s rare I see a costume that works itself out and comes together all on one page! Panels 1 and 2 could almost be a different costume.

    For some reason, the proportions in panel 2 are throwing me off, almost like it’s a super deformed version. Is it just me seeing this?

  8. What, is this is the Marvel Anime version of the Nova? Anyone else seeing Astro Boy here? Astro Boy * Megaman / Darkhawk = Nova?

    I’m sure many will love it for the same reasons I don’t. It’s beautifully drawn, but not my tastes. I still think no one will get a really top-notch Nova costume until they rethink the big yellow dots.

  9. I’m a big fan of Nova and this outfit is a bit disappointing. They took away all the distinctive elements (the unique star shape on the helmet, the three ‘sun’ symbols of the chest) and made them look very generic.

    Annihilation suit was much cooler.

  10. Se… I like the shielding on the eyes… but why he doesn’t have it on the mouth makes that bit seem superfluous in context. It’s got these cool armor/spacesuit stuff going on around the arms… but then it has this stupid throwback poncho-vest-thing that looks out of place post-Kirby, to my eyes. It feels like a costume made to please everyone, but in doing so says absolutely nothing.

    My vote is that the new Nova is Warwick Davis, and that transforming into Nova gets rid of his acondroplasia. He’ll die a gory, thankless death in the third issue and Richard Ryder will return, and proceed to scowl and clench his fist, with the occasional awkward stab at humor, and the fans will Eat. That. Shit. Up.

    But yeah, aside from the mouth thing that helmet’s pretty cool.

  11. Honestly, I hate it. I think it’s a big step back from the previous costume. I won’t be able to build up the desire to buy into this concept.

  12. @Ben
    I think you actually get what you’re looking for there in panel 2 – in regards to the mouthpiece. it appears there that some kind of clear shield comes down? and connects with a chin piece? to protect the face.

    I like it. McGuinness does what he does- very well. The chibi-Nova comment does strike pretty close to the bone though.

    Seems lately Marvel has had a tendency to have one or two very strong arcs with a B-list character (or even A-list – Planet Hulk?) and then go in another direction entirely with them. I thinking of Iron Fist and Nova here. Both those characters came out of obscurity to have some very strong characterization and story lines in recent years, but then.. meh.. Iron Fist has been ok in Avengers (not going to say anything about white costume- Aja’s design was pretty much perfect), but Nova in secret Avengers was pretty disappointing.

    So, maybe this isn’t Richard Rider- which I’m ok with, because that reworked costume from Annihilation, etc. was pretty awesome. Maybe we should ask, why do we have mediocre costumes for thirty years and then redesign them every four or five now? If it’s marketing and that is what we need to do to sell comics and keep the industry healthy, ok- but that can’t be the only reason.

    Overall, I’m giving this design a thumbs up! some designs lately have been more the “look we added a gold lining to his boot and an extra border to the symbol- isn’t THAT impressive”
    I applaud Marvel taking advantage of their artist’s creativity and branching out.


  13. Mehhh. I like the eye-screen, and they’re going in roughly the right direction with the armoured look, but I strongly prefer Granov’s take.

    Though I suppose it’s always going to be tricky to design a really A-class look for a character that it’s impossible to care about.

  14. Sweet flipping Christ, it’s like Nova’s crappy early costume and Star-Lord’s crappy early costume had a baby, and then the baby didn’t read the part where Nova and Star-Lord both got much better costumes before they died.
    Way too much black, for starters. Nova’s supposed to be the hero of space and the conscience of the New Warriors, gold works for him because he’s always been a very wholesome, honorable person, even in Annihilation, when everyone he knew and loved was dead. Whenever a hero gets an all-black makeover, it never means something good.
    It doesn’t follow any of the rules that were put out about what a Nova Corpsman looks like; unless his head and chest have different ranks. It also aesthetically doesn’t flow well, the helmet design seems tacked-on without the modern shoulder and elbow spikes, and the overall feel is very rounded but lacks solidity. The visor, as mentioned, looks terrible. When you can see his eyes, there’s a weird film over them. When you can’t, he looks like the bugs he used to fight. Not to mention, the old design was straight-up better when it came to looking like armor: it was clearly metallic, with armor on his chest, shoulders, shins, arms, and head, with lots of well-defined padding everywhere else. Here, I can’t tell what’s cloth, what’s armor, and what’s that weird cloth-armor that is all the rage these days.
    And then there’s the star, which changes shape nearly every panel and never looks good. I loved the eight-pointed star on the Annihilation redesign, it took what was already a very good detail and made it regal and commanding. This chooses to remove the complexity and nobility of the star and bloat it until it’s just ugly and misshapen (a fine metaphor for the comic). It looks like an alien sucking his brains out; which actually isn’t unlikely given how blitheringly stupid he was in Point One.
    You know what? When they redesigned it in Annihilation (yes, I keep coming back to it, but that’s because I read it and the creators of this evidently didn’t), they were clearly respectful to the original. All the basic elements were kept, though the overall design was more complicated. The change had an in-story purpose; containing a power supply millions of times higher than the old suit was meant to carry. Of course he’d be armored, he’s a walking nuclear reactor! And, throughout his series, the old costume would appear, again and again. Sometimes he’d be wearing it, sometimes his fellow Corpsman would be wearing it, whenever the Annihilation look wasn’t needed, it wasn’t used. And that was what was great about Nova: it wasn’t standing on the shoulders of giants, but it didn’t take that to mean that it wasn’t standing on anything. It lovingly made use of the New Warriors, the Sphinx, the Rider family, and loads of other guys from Nova’s history, and it made them better for it, and it showed his growth from a barely-above-street-level immature teenager to a leader of men who faced down Thanos at the end of time. This comic doesn’t bother. It seems to pretend that Nova didn’t exist before he was touched by the hand of Loeb and McGuinness.

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