16 comments to “P:R Redesign: Nuno Plati’s X-Men!”
  1. It looks to me like they’re standing on the wreckage of a sentinel. The coloring here is amazing, and I like the outfits a lot. They’re casual but still evoke the look of team uniforms. I think Colossus would have to be my favorite. His design seems very practical to me, as opposed to most of his past costumes. I can’t stand the underwear and thigh-high boot combination he’s most commonly known for. The only character design in this picture I’m not totally sold on is Kitty, but she’s definitely looked a lot worse before.

  2. I’m assuming the guy in a samurai hairstyle is Wolverine. The thrown together, thrift store plus military elements gives these a great post apocalyptic feel. Maybe for a storyline where Days of Future Past happened twenty years earlier?

    I’ve got to agree on Kitty- the glasses and hairstyle made me think Jubilee until I saw that she was phasing.

  3. Nice, really like what the artist has done with the costume/uniform design on the team. Really like the Challengers of the Unknown vibe it gives me.

  4. I agree, I thought the girl on the left was Jubilee too. But let’s not forget how aesthetically challenged Kitty was in her early years of the X-men. That would explain things.

    Same as the above posters, not sure who the guy is in the back. Considering the time period and style I wouldn’t mind it being Forge. His abilities would come in handy. The character looks a bit too tall to be Wolverine. Love the styling of the costumes though. Very well done throughout. As noted the uniforms tell a lot about the time period and world these guys live in.

  5. Exactly what I thought, Sam. I saw the yellow shirt, glasses, and short hair and I immediately assumed it was Jubilee. It took me a second of studying the picture before I realized she was phasing through her surrounding.

  6. The one in the foreground is Shadowcat – you can tell because her legs are still fazed through the metal.
    Overall, I’m not a big fan. The redesigns and line art are okay, but that damn, glow-y coloring screams “I just found out about Photoshop!”

  7. The way the artist handles the glow here completely washes out the drawing and ruins the composition. Your eye goes straight to the blurry yellow sections, but they should be drawn to the characters. There are ways to achieve a glow effect without doing that, you just have to figure it out.

  8. Seems more like an underground sports team or street gang than students at a school for gifted youngsters. I love the look, but I feel like you’d need to drastically adjust the story to fit the look… and I don’t mind in the slightest

  9. its ok.. they just seem a lil dressed down for apocalypse. I definetly appreciate the art and like the style .. the attire jsut doesn’t fit the occasion.

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