P:R Regulars: Joel Priddy!

Note: As a P:R Regular and P:R contributor, Joel Priddy has been a welcome face here on the site. Currently teaching illustration & cartooning at the Memphis College of Art, Priddy has been schooling us for years on his dramatic re-inventions of classic super-heroes.

– Chris A.

12 comments to “P:R Regulars: Joel Priddy!”
  1. You can tell he’s an instructor, the figures are beautifully simple. The female redesigns are especially good, I can see real women being able to wear them.us

  2. I like his Wonder Woman the best, and I’ve always wanted to strip her down to a pure red and gold color scheme. She looks fast and tough. Victorian-era Vision and Scarlett Witch are great too!

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  5. The Superman family is just fine for their normal superheroing to me. Though it feels like something he has to grow into.

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