P:R Redesign: Josh Gowdy’s X-23!

Note: Although her ongoing series might be cut short, Marvel’s X-23 remains a memorable character with a rich potential waiting to be explored. Artist Josh Gowdy took on Logan’s little girl (or clone, rather) and brought a subdued color palette reminiscent of Wolverine’s brown-and-tan costume of old. Check out Josh’s comments on the design below the art, and thanks to Superhero of the Month for bringing his work to our attention! – Chris A.

Artist Josh Gowdy’s thoughts on the design:

I found this one pretty difficult as, X-23 is still developing as a character. Daken’s observations of Laura in the recent Collision storyline have made me think of her more as a dancer in the way she moves. I tried to carry this across in my design. I also wanted to lose the mid-drift top and the long hair. I don’t think it’d get in the way so much as be absolutely feral after most missions– there is generally a lot of blood and guts flying about in an X-23 story!

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  1. Wonderful redesign. And agreed one the midriff and the hair from a purely practical point of view for a fighter: why give your enemy unexposed flesh to cut or shoot, or hair to grab onto and pull?

  2. I like the design, but I’d like to see it in an gory action shot. I guess that I’m not really very familiar with the character, but whenever I’ve seen her she’s been very violent but vulnerable underneath. Here she looks… abnormally sweet sitting like that. Like a kitty or a puppy. You just wanna scratch her behind the ears and under the chin. :)
    Maybe I’ve misunderstood her character?
    On a more important note – I had never before considered how a superhero would deal with blood and guts getting into their hair. I may have to start putting shower-caps on all my violent comic characters… !

  3. I’m with Nick–those few small alterations in the character’s appearance, especially the shorter hair, ends up with her being a much more visually appealing character.

  4. hmm, I am agreement on the hair working for the character though to be truly combat efficient it would be even shorter but for an art site such as this it works i especially like the ninja split toe shoe’s that are practical for both stealth and her foot claw.

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  6. Girl is a girl. Girl jumps around and moves alot all dear. Girl is gonna need support. Bra straps are cool and invoke the Wolverine shoulder stripes. I like them.

    Short hair is cool too as is rest of the design

  7. I love this look for Laura (and she is one of my favorite “new” characters)… It would be so great to see her develop into something like this, since she has gone through so much and needs to find her own look, completely away from the project.

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