P:R Redesign: Priscilla Tramontano’s Gotham Sirens!

Note: Gotham City is known for many things, and one of the threatening and titillating examples is its villainesses. Artist Priscilla Tramontano returns to P:R to show off her modern revamp for three of Batman’s rogues: Catwoman, Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn. Tramontano tells us that while these three aren’t begging for a redesign as much as others, she attempted to make them look “a little more modern” by having each of them representing a distinctive fashion style. – Chris A.

My shot at Selina, my favorite Gotham girl, is something more like a “professional thief”, equipped with all these high tech gadgets and mountaineering gear.

Poison Ivy is the kind of stylish woman, a Pin-up babe, who happens to control plants.

I see Harley Quinn as this inconsistent and irresponsible girl hanging out with the wrong gang. Not a hooker, not a mean person, just a very very confused kid. “Crazy” if you like. Her style would be similar to what Harajuku girls wear.

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  1. I really like the Poison Ivy design, the 50’s influence is great. It’s good to see her as something other than cheesecake.

    Harley Quinn design is cool, but she’s not going to be doing much leaping about in those platforms!

    The Catwoman design is the least successful, IMHO. As she’s a professional thief, I imagine the helmet is a little bulky for quick escapes and the red visor doesn’t say ‘cat’ to me, perhaps if it were yellow or green?

  2. Love the hood on Harley and the hair of ivy. Little ‘meh’ about Catwoman and Ivy’s actual outfits though. Nice solid art though.

  3. I keep submitting my redesigns and I dont get featured, hmph. I think my work is better than this. Dont listen to me Im just really jealous

  4. I love Harley’s look the best. Has the playful/crazy appeal that should always be with her in and out of costume (say it with me “DCnU Harley = BAD!”). Not too sure on Ivy and Catwoman but they are some interesting takes on the Gotham Sirens. =)

    Mr. Q

  5. hoylus:

    Harley Quinn design is cool, but she’s not going to be doing much leaping about in those platforms!

    Yet still miles ahead of the official DCnU version.

  6. Not crazy about the helmet, and not sure what’s going on with the triangular of Catwoman’s crotch. Is this something climbers often wear? If so, okay. If not, kinda creepy.

    Ivy looks more eco-warrior than plant-slut (see also: Arkham City), so I’m all for that.

    With Harley, I love the outfit, but not for the character (but maybe for Arkham City, where she seems younger with the new outfit and voice actor). I think that when people make Harley “cutesy” they forget we’re talking about a woman, not a child–a woman with a degree. College ain’t easy. In Arkham City, she’s more ganger’s girlfriend; in the DCAU, she’s more of the gangster’s moll (gun moll).

  7. Adam H.:
    Nice drawings/designs! However careful of the 6 & 8 head tall rule. and also, those (c)ankles.

    Rules are meant to be broken, especially since 8 heads is like supermodel monster of woman, i like these stockier women if just for diversity sake, ankles and all.
    The red visor is supposed to represent a cat tongue no?

  8. Mario Silva:
    Rules are meant to be broken, especially since 8 heads is like supermodel monster of woman, i like these stockier women if just for diversity sake, ankles and all.

    I agree. These, like the Wonder Woman, Star Sapphire, Black Canary, and others we say from Priscilla, seem to take these fantastic women and put them in less exaggerated, more (for lack of a better word) “normal” human forms, which I think is great. We’ve all seen ridiculously-big-breasted, ridiculously-skinny-legged Selina and Ivy before. Hundreds of times. I think it’s refreshing to see these more conventional body types for a change.

    I think that when people make Harley “cutesy” they forget we’re talking about a woman, not a child–a woman with a degree.College ain’t easy.

    I think that’s part of what makes (or made — thanks, DCnU) Harley so fun. She is an educated woman. She has a very serious degree. She’s also completely crazy. I don’t think there’s anything wrong making her “cutesy”.

  9. Catwoman: this reminds me of the problem bruce had with the first cowl at the beginning of the dark knight, his neck movement was hindered, as would this catwoman’s. But overall i love the design.
    Poison Ivy: this rebuilds my faith in humanity. Shes a pin up babe, but she doesnt have double F’s and wear bathing suits 24/7.
    Harley Quinn: <3

  10. Love Harley, like Ivy, not a fan of Catwoman.

    Aside from the helmet being too bulky, the red visor and overall appearence of the helmet does not look ‘cat-like’. Actually the entire outfit lacks a cat theme of any kind. Not that she should look like Catman or Tigra but I always like when Catwoman has a certain, subtle hint of the feline in her look.

    When I first saw the design for Selina I thought it was going to be a Batgirl or Batwoman redesign.

  11. I love Catwoman’s costume, but my only problem is that I think stuffing the hood of her jacket into her helmet makes the whole thing a bit awkward looking. It took me a while to warm up to this Poison Ivy design, but I think I like it a lot. It’s a fresh take on her. I think Harley Quinn’s outfit is perfect. Someone mentioned that it makes her looks like a little girl, but she is insane enough to regress a bit in age, no?

  12. I like the Catwoman design, though I agree with an earlier comment that a yellow or green visor would make the whole helmet read more “catlike.” Harley is spot on and perfectly captures the attitude that she had in the cartoon. And though I’m a fan of ’50s pin-ups, that style just doesn’t work with Poison Ivy for me. Very nice drawing, though.

  13. Harley’s great, Ivy’s ravishing, and the only problem with Catwoman is that it isn’t Huntress. The urban-mountain-climber vibe is cool, but I don’t really see it as Catwoman.

    RE: Cankles: I don’t think the ankles are too thick, but that Ivy and CW’s feet are a hair too thin, particularly at the toe. Flats are fine, and better than heels, but their shoes look like the don’t even have soles. Toes just don’t get that flat in real life.

  14. If Catwoman loses the jacket and throws on some kind of a mask instead of that helmet, she’d look great. Personally, I think the jacket on top of the skin-tight outfit is a little 90’s looking, and when you add in the biker helmet, it makes her upper half seem a little heavy and uneven. Everything else about her is absolutely great.

    I’ve always thought of Poison Ivy as more plant than human, so clothes don’t really fit the character for me. Also, the Uma Thurman hairstyle brings back bad memories of “Batman & Robin.” At the very least, I think she should lose the gloves.

    Harley looks fantastic! The whole outfit and the bazooka and the attitude all go together wonderfully and really do a great job of defining the character. Like others have said, it’s a thousand times better than the DCnU version, and I nominate it to be a worthy replacement for her original outfit.

  15. Nice stuff! Love Catwoman’s Helmet and gear. Harley’s Hood and gettup (except the platforms, unless there are springs in them) is great. Ivy I like but the over shirt should’ve been a different green, not the prison Orange.

  16. I, for one, love the ankles. Though I agree with the comment about the toes looking a bit too thin. Still, I think your style is great, and I love the body shapes.

    As for the costumes… I friggin’ love this Catwoman. Maybe not so pale and, what is that, a nosering? Unnecessary. The costume itself is awesome. I don’t see how people are saying she doesn’t look catty enough. The helmet instantly says cat to me. I think Catwoman’s current costume is great, don’t get me wrong… but it is the only costume of hers that has ever been great. Even the Michelle Pfeiffer costume was only okay. Ish. This Catwoman looks like she is a burglar. She doesn’t expect to get into fights, but is armoured enough just in case she is getting shot at or something. I don’t know if she even needs that neck exposure, and I think it would be cool if her helmet could close up over the mouth area…
    But, yeah, I love it.

    Ivy’s looking babe to the max as well. Great gloves. Fantastic shape. Amazing outfit. If I saw her on the street I’d be comically running into light poles.

    The only one I am not as down with is Harley, though I see where you are going and it certainly is better than almost any redesign of her. But really, has anything ever beaten her classic look?

  17. not a big fan of the catwoman design. the helmet looks more like a hawk of something and the extra cloth on in makes selina looks like a nun… maybe that’s why i first thought it was huntress…

  18. I love Harley’s design. But I’m not feeling Selina’s; the helmet is ugly, and I think her costume should be sexy. I mean sexiness is part of Selina’s character.

  19. I love the Harley & Ivy designs, but I have to agree with the others that the Catwoman doesn;t work for me. I don’t see her and instantly know it’s Catwoman. Though I like the climbing gear around her waist.

    I appreciate that Ivy’s has the physique of a normal woman, (all three really) and that she isn’t practically naked like she is usually portrayed. I’m tired of the one-piece bathing-suit look. Makes no sense.

    Harley is near and dear to my heart, and I REALLY like your design. I don’t care for the Arkham Asylum/City re-designs, and I HATE the “New 52” cheap-prostitute-look they gave her. Why both design teams decided to slut-her-up just baffles me. So I wish they would adopt your design so I can show my face as a Harley fan again. The only thing I would change are the platform boots. She needs to be acrobatic, which the shoes would prohibit.

    Thanks for sharing these with us!

  20. My absolute favorite thing about the Catwoman costume is that the combination of her hood and her pale, exposed neckline invoke the image of a nun while the rest of her outfit is pure sex. It accentuates the whole “you can look but you cant touch” image that Selena has always projected for me. I love it.

  21. Now, don’t get me wrong, girls come in all shapes and sizes, but these girls seem a bit stocky for the gratuitous amount of acrobatics we’ve come to expect from them is all.

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