P:R Redesign: George Kambadais’ X-Men!

Note: Up here in the Northern hemisphere it’s getting cold outside, and artist George Kambadais shows us that even the X-Men need some winter wear. He’s outfitted them in costumes reminscient of Frank Quitely’s New X-Men designs but with a twist. With all the great “baseball” issues of Uncanny X-Men, was there ever one with a snowball fight? – Chris A.

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  1. Lose the X on the knees, it’s overkill. I like the gray on Scott because it ties in the visor more than any other suit he’s worn…but how is it staying on his face? Cyclops & Wolvie’s boots need work, less flashy on Cyc more on Logan. Logan’s single color mask works great. The short gloves all around are a nice touch too. Kitty should be ice scraping Colossus…or maybe that’s Wolverines job! Love that George resisted using hoodies or skicaps. Over very nice.

  2. Colossus would be terrible to hug in the winter! And I’d have drawn Wolverine jumping holding two snowballs, but I like the costumes.

  3. It’s a gorgeus mix of the Quitely leather design and a classic spandex suit. I love the roster, too. Add Nightcrawler and Storm and it would be perfect.

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  5. Great designs, character personalities are intact, and the art is fresh and energetic. Love everything but the X on the knees. Nice job!

  6. What’s Wolverine wearing on his head? Is it made out of wood? The rest of the designs are great even though they’re just stylized versions of Frank Quietly’s basic designs.

  7. As a point of interest, has Kitty Pryde ever served on an X-Men at the same time as Jean Grey. Because I’ve been racking my brain trying to remember if they’ve ever been X-Men together and I can’t think of a single instance.

    The night Kitty joined the X-Men was also the night Dark Phoenix took over, then when they went to the moon to fight for Jean’s life Kitty stayed behind. Then years later when Jean rejoined the X-Men’s gold team, Kitty left America to start Excalibur. This is where she stayed, on and off for years until Jean died at the end of Grant Morrison’s run which led to Kitty rejoining the team for Joss Whedon’s AXM.

    Do these two have a history or does Kitty Pryde just hate all telepaths…ever?

  8. Great stuff, lotta fun. I actually really like Cyclops’s boots. In response to the question at the end, X-men 165 from 2005. Salvador Larroca snowball fight. It’s a super cheesy issue, Chris Claremont writes, and for all those reasons it always put a big smile on my face.

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  13. I like the art and the style. Don’t really like the practicality of the suits in terms of color coordination. Big Yellow X over vital organs… ehhh I do like the look and feel of the suits. Protective yet agile.

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