P:R Redesign: Andy Trabbold’s Firestorm!

Note: One of the key aspects of costume design is to understand the character and to not get bogged down in detail, and artist Andy Trabbold just does that with his rendition of DC’s Firestorm. Gone are the puffy shirts of old or the busy nature of his current get-up,replaced by a cohesive and otherworldly take on DC’s nuclear man. I especially enjoy how Trabbold centered the chest emblem to make a more balanced design. – Chris A.

My first thoughts on redesigning Firestorm was to un-busy his costume. I pared it way down, reversing the colors and leaving the white out. I also wanted to re-imagine his chest symbol as built into his frame. He’s a walking reactor now, barely containing the energy inside of him. He’s a nuclear man after all- a total powerhouse, and I wanted him to portray that message in a simple, succinct way.

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  1. There have been so many great Firestorm redesigns on Project: Rooftop, it makes me wonder why DC can’t adopt something similar into their efforts. Every iteration of Firestorm seems to make him more complicated and less accessible. A simple design like this strips it the character down to his core appeal. It also make me think of him more as the Fire Elemental that DC has hinted him to be. Great work!

  2. I like this alot, Firestorm was alway cheesy looking to me but this look gives him the iconic feel that he needs to be truly on of DCs heavy hitters.

    Love the symmetrical emblem and the subtly pointed shoulders don’t say ‘disco’ as much as the original suit.

    The gloves and boots need a little tweaking to match the rest of the streamlined suit – but all in all this is the best looking Firestorm that I’ve ever seen. I do wonder if this was influenced by Marvel’s Firelord a little bit, but it doesn’t matter because this works better anyway. This is the reason I visit PR.

  3. This is a great drawing! I love how its heavily detailed to draw the eyes to the head and upper torso and then when you look at the rest its very clean. The outline of the body is also spot on.

  4. I agree with Tom Brazelton… P:R artists have been consistently knocking Firestorm designs out of the park.
    And for my money, this is the best one yet.

  5. I like it quite a bit, but the flat yellow on the body could be improved on with some of that swirly, two toned yellow effect around the emblem.

  6. Looks outstanding, much less busy looking than the 52 counterpart. I like the reversal of colors but I’m not sure on the energy emitting from his head being the same color as his cowl. Looks a bit confusing. Aside from that, you’ve done an excellent job with Firestorm.

    Mr. Q

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  8. To be honest, after I saw Stefan Grambart’s design for Firestorm, I didn’t think anybody else could top it. While this version is pretty drastically different, no offense to Mr. Grambart’s amazing work, I think Andy Trabbold has done just that. I love everything about it: the layout, the art style, the colors, everything. The pointed shoulders are a great throwback to the original, and having the chest emblem fuse with the collar is genius. I think this is about as close as one could come to creating a simple, yet classic costume for the Nuclear Man. In my opinion, it’s right up there with the iconic outfits of Superman and Batman, and it gives the feeling that this character belongs in the same universe, which is something I always felt he lacked. Absolutely wonderful job, Andy!

  9. Freakin’ AWESOME. The simple lines, colors, and excellent representation of fire/heat/nuclear stuff!? coming out of the top of his head. Andy really nailed all the basic elements that make Firestorm iconic and distinctly him while updating and making a more modern slick design. To me the character has never really reached his true potential but – cheesy or not- I’ve always dug his unmistakeable design.

    This is a great addition to the P:R stable of Firestorm redesigns. I think the biggest strength is that it’s easily adaptable to use in a monthly comic. The suit is simple and stylish, yet easily reproduced panel to panel by any artist. Well done!

  10. You know what I love about this design? It’s almost a perfect reconstruction of Stefan Grambart’s Firestorm concept, which I also loved. It manages to capture the same sense of power and destruction, but in a positive way; this is Firestorm the superhero not the walking disaster area. I love it’s simplicity and I will join the others in their praises.

  11. This design is so good, yet for some reason it feels ALMOST right, but something’s throwing me off. Maybe it’s just the yellow silhouette against the plain white background; I’d love to see this Firestorm in action played against a real background.

    Nitpicking aside, fantastic design!

  12. It’s a better redesign than the officials,clear and simple,it reminds me firestorm mixed with dr manhattan
    But i have to sai my favorite will stay the classic costume forerever,for me it’s iconic like the superman and spiderman costumes

  13. Kick ass. Simple and effective, could do with an overhaul of Marvel’s The Vision along similar lines. WHY so many superheroes have bud, dated designs is beyond me, artist should be redesigning more often….

  14. Sweet Pistachios! I love it!

    The red face is a nice touch that adds an inhuman quality to the character. I’ve always been fond of the “Fire Elemental” ideas surrounding Firestorm, but sometimes that doesn’t jive well with the whole atomic/radioactive theme. One of the things I like about Andy’s design is that he’s moved the bright yellows into the green/yellow spectrum – which feels a bit more sickly/radioactive.

    and Ren > No offense taken ;)

  15. Wow. That is extremely impressive work! Iconic, simple, but with a level of sophistication that’s sadly rare in modern superhero design. Agreed that the flat yellow areas of the body could maybe do with a hint of the fiery texture present in the chest emblem, but that’s a pretty minor nitpick with an uncommonly accomplished pass.

  16. I’d make a few changes to the boots–make them just a tiny bit more substantial–and probably avoid using roundels for trim (too “Iron Man,” especially with the red and gold), but otherwise, DC should hire Andy Trabbold right now and put him to work on Firestorm.

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  18. I really like it. It makes me think it’s Professor Stein Firestorm, just because his costume would be simple and to the point, not too “heroic” the way Ronnie Raymond’s would appear. Very very good stuff, you could have fun with lighting effects and such.

  19. This is an awesome and very Kirby take on Firestorm’s design. One change I would make would be to give his boots and gloves a fade to blue, with violet at the very tips of the fingers and the bottoms of the soles. The yellow discs can stay. The idea is that if he embodies a flame, he should embody not only the sun/burn aspects, but the various colors at the hottest part of a flame. Also, if you blend some yellow or green into those colors, you really echo the “nuke/radioactive” theme.

    Not to mention, Cherenkov radiation happens to be bluish in perceived color. A glow of some sort at his extremities just makes sense.

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