P:R Regulars: Ming Doyle!

Note: Readers of Project: Rooftop have seen Ming Doyle grow to become an artist dynamo. She won our Superman: Man of Style contest, ranked high with her cosplay of Batgirl, and has become an integral part of the site. Doyle recently began doing work at Marvel on Girl Comics #1  and the recent Fantastic Four #600, and we’re excited to see what she does next! – Chris A.

10 comments to “P:R Regulars: Ming Doyle!”
  1. NICE STUFF!!! She can draw AND she’s easy on the eyes! Double score! I really like her Batman, Aquaman, and Barda. The Stephanie Brown Robin is cool too, and her Batgirl costume rocks.

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  3. I discovered Ming’s work through P:R, and since she’s quickly become one of my favourite artists out there. Her artwork is brilliant, whether she’s creating expert redesigns or just putting her own spin on our favourite characters. Rock on, Ming!

  4. Thanks for this retrospective of Ms. Doyle’s work. For me, the Girl Wonder, Aquaman and Barda designs are the highlights. Really nice loose ink work. Pleasing to see.

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