P:R Redesign: Rob Nix’ Justice League!

Note: Although he’s not finished on the colors, I couldn’t wait in showing off this sooped-up take on DC’s Justice League by artist Rob Nix. I love seeing him borrow elements from across each character’s long history to create these gestalt designs, especially Wonder Woman’s. I’m unconvinced about the Green Lantern design, but tell us what you think about them all.  Go below the jump to see more detailed renderings of Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman. – Chris A.

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  1. I’m getting a decidedly Guy Gardner feel off Rob’s Green Lantern redesign and… it kind of makes sense to me!

    They whole mythology behind Green Lantern is that the ring picks those with great willpower. That doesn’t necessarily mean they have to posses and athletic build.

    I realize superheroes are about wish fulfillment to a degree, but what’s wrong with having a hero who’s maybe a little more “every day?”

    That said, the sack over his head makes him look like a 5 year-old playing dress-up, but the rest of it I like. The uniform is unconventional enough that I can easily see the backstory and personality of the character written around it.

  2. I don’t dig Guy’s costume (I’m pretty sure that’s the only Lantern who’d wear something like that), but Superman and Wonder Woman’s costumes are beautiful! That said, let’s be a little more practical and have Diana do the “Flying Woman Toe Point” instead of the heels, eh?

    To be honest, I’m not a fan of Batman’s covered-mouth cowl. Cassie Cain did it already, but that was because she was mute during most of the time she used it.

  3. Of these designs, both Wonder Woman and Aquaman are the standouts. I think I’ve only ever seen a white Wonder Woman costume work twice, but this does it masterfully. Though the colours aren’t there, the other elements still are.

    I agree about the Green Lantern though. Of these five, that design is the weakest.

  4. I’m really loving the Green Lantern. The casual look is working, even if he doesnt look like the typically musle bound hero. Perhaps becuase of that.

  5. The Green Lantern is pretty silly, I mean who is it under the mask? Doesn’t seem to fit any of the known GLs, looks like a b-level villain. I’m confused on the Batman, is his face painted? Also the Batman in the group shot is missing the chest emblem, I like cape/collar configuration in the group shop. Nothing really new with Aquaman here except the omitting of the armor strap…how does that stay on?

    Now on the Superman, that’s fantastic. Spacey and formal. This would look great even without the cape…maybe better. In the individual shot it looks like there’s more color in the jacket/armor/whatever stripes…I like the solid look depicted in the group shot because it looks less busy.

    And finally Wonder Woman. I could say something unfavorable about the upper arm bands but that would be splitting hairs because I love this. The white/gold/silver color combo is awesome…a nod to the lame karate Wonder Woman? Even so this is much more practical than the usual WW outfit but still heroic and sexy. Maybe she should zip up a little…only to make her insignia look less like Batman’s.

  6. I actually really dig the GL. I always wondered why he was so fit. If I had a power ring, I’d never stand up.

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  8. Man, those costumes are Fng ossum! Supes, Wonder Woman and Aquaman’s are the best, I’d luv to see those n comics :D

    PS: invincible redesign contest update, pl0x?

  9. Love the Wonder Woman treatment, except for thee boots… those heels! Also love the contrasting blues on Superman.

  10. Simply Superb!

    I love the subtle stars on WW’s bracelets, and the gold-white-silver scheme really works.

    Just three things:
    I’m not too sure about the two-blues Superman, but the design is solid otherwise.
    How does Batman speak, or is that make-up on his mouth?
    Where WW’s golden lariat?

    I would love to see more of the GL!

  11. I like a lot of what’s here, but I love the Superman. It looks like CLOTHING worn by a MAN, which I really appreciate in a modern redesign. The light blue jacket makes the high color (which according to Calamity Jon is semiotically out of place on Superman) feel right at home. The dark blue pants solve the problem of being “naked” when you remove the trunks.
    Another redesign that featured the light blue top and dark blue pants was done recently by Cory Walker at his blog: http://corenthal.blogspot.com/2011/06/going-commando.html

  12. I dont like the green lantern. my favorite part is the symbol on superman and aquaman actually looks pretty badass. im a huge batman fan, but i didnt very much like his batman begins suit and this looks alot like an homage to that suit. plus with the face makeup he looks like a bootleg batman beyond. and another problem with batman, the dark grey suit and light grey belt kind of clash with each other.

  13. The designs for these guys are all really nice and solid…except for Green Lantern. He looks like some schmuck who wanted to dress up at a con and was too cheap/lazy to make a good costume. I love Wonder Woman. The white/gold/silver combo is very pretty. My only issue is with her high heels. I reeeeeeeally want her to be in flat-soled boots of some kind, since the rest of the outfit is much more practical than her usual one.

  14. What interests me about the GL design is that his jacket looks like a firefighter’s coat. It would convey his role as a public servant to someone who wasn’t familiar with what a Green Lantern is.

  15. I’m pretty much on the bandwagon… these are great, especially WW and Superman, and except GL.
    And as for WW’s boots… it’s always struck me as odd that we’re talking about a logic stream in which people fly through the air, knock down mountains, wander around at edges of the universe and alternate realities– aliens, gods, monsters, angels, krakens, ghosts, and immortals walk among us– and everyone buys all that–yet, it’s completely “unrealistic” for Wonder Woman to wear high heeled boots.
    Baffles me.

  16. Green Lantern is simply ugly,looks like a poor dressed RLSH.

    Superman is totally out of character,too much military,but add a beard and change S with Z and could be a good Zodd.

    Batman is just Nolan’s version with the mouth covered,nothing original

    Aquaman has no difference with the official version of some years later

    Wonderwoman could work but the silver bracelers punch with the golden lines of his costume

  17. I have to say I really enjoy the originality of these. Not a huge fan of the Green Lantern design, but no design makes GL palatable for me, so it’s okay. It looks like the concept could be really interesting, at least, which is a huge step up for GL in my book. (I realize I’m in the minority on this issue.)

    The standout here is Wonder Woman! This is verifiable proof that you can do a radical departure from her traditional costume and really make it shine beautifully. Elegant, powerful, practical (although I agree with the suggestion of flat boots)… If they introduced this in the comics, it could easily transition to a solid live-action design much better than the old duds. Very nice job Rob Nix. It’s a solid design sweep.

  18. I think we can all agree that the Wonder Woman design is far and away the standout success of this series. The cut of the gear is athletic and contemporary, and has elements that are distinctly —dare I say it?— timeless. While I’m hesitant to like the silver bits as much as the gold: it warrants a discussion, semiotic or otherwise, of Princess Diana’s superheroic peers and analogs being dressed in golds and white. See Planetary’s, Stan Lee’s, Promethea, Sun Woman, Phoenix, She-Ra, Teela…

    I’d push the design more. Work in layers, design the logo, and environmental variations.

    And though I’d love to see the white jumpsuit above be Diana’s costume, DC could easily color the top red and the legs blue and get a supersuit that works just as well but uses the traditional Wonder Woman coloring.

  19. Personally, from a fashion point of view, I don’t like mixing metallic colours, so I think WW should be all gold or all silver. I love the design however. As for my thoughts on the heels, she has superpowers and if she wants to put on stiletto boots, it’s practical. Though a flat riding boot WOULD still look awesome.

  20. Like, very much , Superman. Love the Wonder Woman. GL looks like a sober Sixpack, minus the broken bottle. The rest…meh. I don’t think anyone alive cares about Aquaman.

  21. Very strong work. The Superman design is especially interesting. I think it was smart to use two different tones of blue for his suit because it breaks up the design a bit yet still keeps the overall look unified. Not to mention it’s very stylish overall. I think if Superman’s not going to have red trunks he needs something like different colored pants so that he’s not just wearing a boring blue bodysuit. And even though I’m not a big fan of seams on comic book uniforms, those seams fit with the suit well.

  22. Aquaman’s the only one I care for out of the bunch, and he’s basically a riff on the old Peter David era Arthur.

  23. Loving the Wonder Woman costume: reminds me of Warren Ellis’s excellent WW design for Planetary. The heels might be a bit much, though.

  24. Weird… I just stumbled upon this. Yes, I should definitely do a finished rendering of all the costumes. Thanks for the comments!

  25. I only really like Green Lantern, just because he’s the only one who seems to have a little character and personality. Superman is very Brandon Routh/Smallville (not my cup of tea) and Batman and WW just seem uninspired to me. Aquaman’s costume is interesting (I like the scale/sharkskin(?) arm armour).

  26. G.D.:
    I’m pretty much on the bandwagon… these are great, especially WW and Superman, and except GL. And as for WW’s boots… it’s always struck me as odd that we’re talking about a logic stream in which people fly through the air, knock down mountains, wander around at edges of the universe and alternate realities– aliens, gods, monsters, angels, krakens, ghosts, and immortals walk among us– and everyone buys all that–yet, it’s completely “unrealistic” for Wonder Woman to wear high heeled boots. Baffles me.

    Simple answer–those heels won’t stand up to nearly the weight her frame would.

  27. Kinda digging the Green Lantern outfit. There’s something about him looking more like an average joe who had to slap a costume together from what he had that works.

    Also like the idea he’s just some schlub who happened to get chosen to wield one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.

  28. The Wonder Woman costume deserves to be an official variation. Is it the first design outside of the “jacket-era” to have her arms covered?

    Superman’s look here strikes me as quite cinematic. I would definitely prefer it to what Cavill is actually wearing in Man of Steel.

    Love to see a more detailed, individual shot of Aquaman. It looks like he actually has both his hands, despite the armor on one arm (look at the fingers).

    A lot of people are complaining about Batman’s costume being just the Nolan one with mouth covered, but I think the solid color and simplified logo are an homage to Batman Beyond.

    Green Lantern definitely gives off a Guy Gardner vibe. It’s not nearly as superheroic as the other Leaguers, but its miles better than his current, inexplicable giant-belt-and-sleeveless-vest-over-turtleneck ensemble.

  29. Loving the WW most. I always thought white worked well for her and this is a great costume. The white and gold, and silver say “Greek” to me for some reason. Love Superman’s look too, though it looks a bit formal to me. Batman rocks, and Aquaman looks pretty badass. Not feeling the GL look though.

  30. I really love the superman suit. its regal and elegant, maybe a bit too formal. But nonetheless if the current new 52 kryptonian cermonial battlesuit angle as well as superman’s new personality is applied to this, it makes sense. Might be a chore to draw though panel by panel

  31. Supes is great.

    Wonder Woman – I love that someone finally mixed the 70s jump suit with her default outfit and made it work. However, rather than having the one set of silver in a sea of gold, what if she had GOLDEN bracelets?

    GL – I think I finally put my finger on why this didn’t work for me- it’s the chubbiness. To see a character who’s chubby immediately reads lazy, which is the opposite of will power. Not that he has to be flawless- make him a scrappy 5 foot tall kid from the streets. An 18 year old guy or Kyle, without their normal big muscles. Young and short immediately telegraphs feisty, which sells a “willful” character so much better.

    Bats – I’m kinda against the molded lips too. Might read better as a covered mouth, like the Cassandra batgirl.

  32. I think what I like best about this redesign is that it cuts straight to the heart of the characters, showcasing their powers and their personalities from the get-go.

    Wonder-Woman’s pose is a little odd to me, but since I love her outfit I’ll give it a rest. I WOULD complain about the heels, but the problem with heels has always been that you can’t run in them, and Wonder Woman can fly so that kinda solves that problem. It also hints that she DOES fly more often. Her outfit looks expensive, but keeps the regal look.

    Aquaman doesn’t look very modern day here… which completely works for someone who comes from Atlantis and rules the seas. I particularly like the fish-scale armguard, which is placed on the arm that would most be in danger of attack while holding a spear in two hands (showing forethought for his fighting style as well).

    Batman pretty much looks like he’s wearing the Dark Knight outfit with a face covering. That’s fine, because the outfit was awesome, and so is Batman. Moving on.

    Green Lantern is perhaps the most significant redesign here, but it completely works. His powers are NOT physical, so why should the ring go to someone who’s in perfect shape? What is distinctive is his cocky attitude, and his very tough nature. The glowing-green boxing glove helps. To be perfectly honest, he kinda reminds me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja-Turtles with mask.

    This is without a doubt the best Superman redesign I have ever seen. If you truly look at it, the costume isn’t very simple, but it’s designed in such a way as to LOOK like it is. The coat/under-suit combo is very interesting and slightly otherworldly, which completely works for him. The boots are very cool, and I like your Superman’s face a lot, actually. One tiny detail I love about the design reminds me of The Incredibles, actually. In the Incredibles, the dangers of wearing a cape are made explicitly clear to the main character. Here, the cape looks regal and very heroic, yet ALSO looks like if something were to sharply pull on it, it would tear off (leaving Superman himself safe and sound). What’s more, the outfit looks like it would work just as well without the cape as it would with it, leaving him safe on the fashion end as well.

  33. See, I totally agree with the idea that a cape would be designed to disconnect from the costume in the worst case scenario.

    Also, every person who says Superman’s suit is too military with a high collar. You know what has high collars? Motorcycle jackets – Factory overalls – Atheltic bodysuits – all of them are worn by “the common man”. Y’know, those folks everyone likes to try and point out Superman represents. The common man is more than just blue collar, factory workers and Superman knows that. As it is the top of the suit kinda looks like a leather jacket worn over a wrap shirt (how oddly asian of him) and I get that. Leather is durable. It’ll take the abuse he’s gotta put a suit through, fighting the folks he does. I feel like he needs some pockets to stuff his hands in so he can look really relaxed when he’s not on alert

  34. I love the Superman and Wonder Woman outfits. Wonder Woman looks totally fly and Superman has a strong regal look to him. Nicely done.

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