P:R Redesign: Maya Nord’s Starfire!

Note: DC’s Starfire has been getting a lot of attention in recent months, and artist Maya Nord has taken her own spin on the character. Digging into the character’s origin, Nord comes back with a design that sexy without being unseemly.  – Chris A.

Here’s what Maya had to say about the redesign:

This is a design I’ve been pondering about for a little while. I read about her origins a while ago and apparently she was designed to be a sort of Red Sonja from space, which just made me think of Dejah Thores and then belly dancers for some reason, so I just rolled with it.

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  2. Erin:
    Oooo. This is pretty. It’s sexy without being slutty, something her real outfits don’t seem to manage.

    Agreed. That said, I don’t dig the bare feet, but oddly for practical purposes.

    Maybe it’s just childhood nostaglia, but the Teen Titans animated Star was perfect–cute with a hint of…wow…underneath.

  3. Without a doubt the best Starfire I’ve ever seen. Sexy, cohesive, and simple enough that different artists would handle it well. I’m sure someone would make it terrifyingly sexy, with her boobs and ass hanging out, but by adding the flowy bottom bit you totally negate that.

    I like the bare feet, I honestly like the idea of impervious characters having bare feet, why would they deal with shoes? They don’t need ’em. Such a hassle.

    (Also, maybe this is weird, but I love her toes in this. Tamaranians are supposed to have evolved from felines, right? Kitty people feet is now in my head-canon)

  4. There’s this sexy-matron thing going which I love. She’s been around long enough, let her grow up and start inspiring young female heroes herself.

  5. I have to say I am absolutely loving this design of Starfire mostly due to its giving off a martial artist vibe to me. I partially blame my love for Muay Thai and Silat being channeled into this.
    Especially those foot braces are giving me a strange case of seeing her yell akin to Sagat “tiger knee.”

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