P:R Redesign: Jordan Gibson’s Scarlet Spider!

Note: After years of being the black sheep of the Spider-Clan, it looks like the Scarlet Spider is finally coming around to some folks. In the Marvel U he’s getting a new series, and out of fandom comes this redesign by artist Jordan Gibson. Gibson keeps much of the original and instead fine-tunes and simplifies what was already there with Tom Lyle’s original design; the blackened eyes are an interesting turn as well. – Chris A.

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  1. I like the Scarlet Spider and I like this redesign, but there’s still something about that second layer that strikes me as cumbersome. I like this leather vest over the blue hoody, but I’d rather see that color or that layer (whatever we want to call it) incorporated into the suit itself. Because Peter Parker can just wear his suit under whatever clothes he has on. But Reilly (or Kaine) has to not only wear the suit beneath his civies, but also pack this to go over it. Seems overly complicated.

  2. This is OK but looks a bit dated with that leather vest. It kind of seems like an alternate outfit Spiderman. IMO Scarlet Spider needs distance himself from Spiderman and become his own hero, much like Nightwing did over at DC.

    David Tran did a redesign featured on P:R a while back that would be great for SS…just replace the X with his spider emblem and it would be perfect. Also had the less corny (re)name ‘Redback’ which gave him more of his own identity.

  3. More Scarlet Spider than the current design. As nineties as it is, it just doesn’t feel like Scarlet Spider unless he’s wearing something over his costume for no reason.

  4. Perhaps the vest is reversible like the leather jacket that a supposed future Peter Parker wears? Spider on the inside reverse.

  5. I agree with the comment above, I have to ask myself what purpose does the jacket serve? He’s essentially wearing an all red version of Peter’s costume, so why the need for the extra layer? It does seem cumbersome for a guy who doesn’t even wear shoes to need a jacket.

  6. Dang that is nice, I love how practical the vest looks, like it might be bulletproof. I like it a lot.

  7. RAD! i love the leather looking jacket. i do like that it isnt a hoodie anymore and love how the collar comes up around his chin. the dark eyes are more readable as lenses, like sunglasses. although nighttime crimefighting could be tough.
    he just seems a lot more punk rock in this i guess. LOVE!

  8. much better look than the 90’s hoodie with ripped off sleaves, great move loosing the ankle thingees, too.

  9. I have to agree with Jay. David Trans’ Redback design would be awesome to see in a book. This design doesn’t do it for me. Maybe if the leggings were solid black? I don’t know.

  10. I don’t know about this one. For me, the sleeveless leather jacket is a step backward, not forward. It’s like he goes from being too 90’s to way too 80’s. I’ve never had a problem with the extra layer like some others, but I do prefer the hoodie to this look. However, I agree that losing the ankle pouches was a step in the right direction. Overall, not enough has been changed here for me to consider it a successful redesign, and the majority of what has been changed wasn’t done so for the better.

  11. Sorry for the crazy-long post :3

    I am sorry to say that I am in no way a fan of Gibson’s redesign. Firstly, the eyes. Why are they black? What purpose does it serve. I don’t find it to be aesthetically pleasing in the slightest and despite my attempts to rationalise the colour choice, it simply seems confusing. Something that would require explanation periodically to new readers who wondered why the Scarlet Spider was one of those douchebags who wears sunglasses at night. I don’t even think it helps maintain the black &red colour-scheme that is going on here, since there is only one other piece of black clothing on this character’s person, and it is covering his entire midriff. In fact, lets move onto that. I’m not sure what material Gibson imagines that jacket is made of but I, like other commentators, get the impression that it is meant to be leather. Why? Leather isn’t flexible. It isn’t lightweight. It’s not even bullet proof. Furthermore, it doesn’t really say Spider-Man (or Scarlet Spider) to me at all. Even if the new Scarlet Spider is who I suspect (quite a “leathery” gentleman to be sure) this concept of biker-Spidey doesn’t really seem appropriate. The same goes for those webshooters. Why are they black? To be honest, it just makes Scarlet Spider look like he has taken to wearing leather wristbands, perhaps so he can show off his favourite rock bands to what Villains he may meet at whatever seedy bar he has started hanging around while playing pool and lurking by the jukebox. Sorry Gibson, but this costume really does not gel with my idea of what the Scarlet Spider should look like in 2012.

    I am in a very small minority of people who actually loved (and still love) the original Scarlet Spider costume. When I first encountered it as a young teen, I remember thinking it fun, striking and appropriate for the character underneath it. Ben Reilly was, at the time of designing this costume, a somewhat more transient, street savvy, frugal individual who needed to produce something quickly and efficiently. The Scarlet Spider costume was exactly that: the spandex a bold solid scarlet red, without the detailed, intricate webbing pattern that is generally associated with a Spider-Man costume. The hooded sweatshirt was something that Reilly discovered out of pure happenstance (the logo already emblasoned upon it). The fact that Ben tore the arms off of the sweatshirt is more to do with freedom of movement than referencing a fashion trend popular at that time: considering some of positions/poses spider-men often strike, it makes sense that Reilly would want as much freedom of movement as possible, while still retaining the extra layer of clothing (because, lets face it, a single layer of spandex will not keep you warm at night) and keeping the brand identity at the forefront of his image. Furthermore, having a hood, complete with drawstrings makes for some great drawing opportunities, from night scenes to upside-down wallcrawling poses. The hood is free-flowing and quite dynamic without being ostentatious like, say, armpit webs might be :P. Lastly, the ankle pouches. Oh, the ankle pouches. They are gaudy, dated and somewhat unoriginal. However, considering that Ben was the inventor of not just Impact Webbing but also Poison Stingers, he has to store that stuff somewhere, and for a character with such dexterity and flexibility, ankle pouches isn’t actually that implausible, In my humble opinion (this reasoning can also help explain the exposed utility belt and enlarged web shooters. Note how, even if you dislike the costume, each part of it is functional and visually striking. It can be broken down and /explained/. A re-design that achieves these same goals and surpasses the design of the original is this: http://ajdinbarucija.blogspot.com/2010/09/scarlet-spider-dude.html

    I could rant for many more paragraphs about what makes that costume so brilliant. I think it speaks for itself though ^ ^

  12. I don’t know if I dislike this costume, or just the character. I think it is the character. The costume is very 90s. The clone saga is best forgotten.

    And when do we get the Invincible contest results?

  13. @Squashy Josh- I’m not at all a fan of the costume design from your link. It’s way too messy. In my opinion, the artist took something most people already aren’t big fans of, and added a lot more for them to hate.

  14. This piece is interesting, the interplay between red and black is catching to the eye and makes one want more but like so many other skin tight out firs it does not seem functional in the least. I would love to see the jacket with some sleeves and maybe some jeans but this is a fascinating piece for the simplicity.

  15. I actually like the throwback 90’s look here. This is the look that inspired me to draw in the first place. That said, there are the few thing I (and others don’t care for). I like the vest if it’s reversible like the future Spidey, and pockets are a plus. The red/black works and I could see the black lenses at night if he has his enhanced vision. So if that’s the case then I agree with the black web shooters as white/silver would look out of place.
    @Josh, the render in your link has its points for me. It’s a great hybrid between the original Scarlet Spider design and the natural Spider-man look. And I love the web-bombs(?). But the hot pants kill it. People go off on this design because he can’t wear it all under his street clothes but the render has way too much to hide.
    I’m just ranting though, this design has a solid base for me and I’d love to see an expanded and rendered version of it

  16. Just saw some of your comments now and I figured I’d shed some light on the design. The jacket isn’t leather, it’s a cotton jacket… Same material as his old one I’d imagine. I wanted it to be all black and red like the new redesign, but keep it a little more in line with the classic look. I also really wanted him to actually have a scarlet spider on his chest. I didn’t think the black eyes were that much of a stretch, since most actual spiders’ eyes are black. That’s about it I guess, thanks guys!

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