P:R Redesign: George Kambadais’ Justice League of America

Note: The artist of last month’s winter X-Men piece is back with a cohesive redesign of DC’s Justice League. George Kambadais has taken DC’s premiere super-team and turned them from an informal grouping of solo heroes to a unified force for good (and for fashion). Go after the jump to see detailed close-ups of each character. – Chris A.

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  1. I know it’s a certain style, but the hell? Justice midgets of America? I can’t take WW seriously…at all… MM looks like some cheap replacement in a UFO documentary… and the Flash… Looks like a hillbilly dressed for Halloween. Aaaand Batman..say hello to Wolverine. – I don’t wanna sound vulgar or like a troll, I do respect other people’s efforts… but most of the characters are really…what’s the word…. out-of-character.

  2. I like the re-designs for the most part, However the Very Large S on supes is very distracting, At first glance I thought he was holding something in front of him.
    The JLA within Batman’s bat on his chest should go all the way across it looks peculiar and makes the image one sided or at least make it smaller so as not to be so prominent. And as far as Flash the beard just makes him look like a funny dressed bum. I personally would have gone with a well groomed goatee. So those are the things I am not wild about on the characters. Other than that I do like his artistic interpretation. At least the artist is going for a New completely different look than the norm. But it still has to be appealing.

  3. While these are fun and expertly drawn, I’m just not feeling these. Something about the designs say…I don’know…Mad Magazine or something. Can’t quite put my finger on it. I am a fan of teams having a unifying element but the ‘JLA’ on these miss the mark for me, too carefree for a team of such power and authority.
    Random thoughts:
    WW – This is the best IMO, resembles what Rob Nix did with her with (Marvel’s) Venom/Black Spidey look in the design of the wrap around WW.
    SM – Actually this isn’t too bad either but that neon aqua blue is over powering…maybe if it was white or gold? The draped cape and high collar are good together.
    MM – looks like he would give Buzz Lightyear a good fight.
    F – that beard takes away the sleek feeling Flash should have but I do like the non-boot look. Who runs in boots?
    GL – the offset emblem takes away from the “space cop” image and makes him seem too whimsical. Make it symmetrical and I’d be on board.
    BM – The “ears” work nicely protruding from the sides of his head even though it breaks his usual silhouette. Feels a bit like X-force Wolverine.

  4. My only Gripe is that I don’t see The Batman having the big “JLA” on his Bat Symbol. Maybe it should have been on his belt or something. That being said, I like the redesignes.

  5. These are fun, and the more I see Wonder Woman designs in gold and white, the more I think that should be the way her official costume goes. That being said, I’ll never forgive you for turning the Flash into a hipster…

  6. Wonder Woman’s new emblem looks like a gold Venom spider. I don’t mind the style, but I don’t particularly care for any of these.

  7. Superman looks like a kid in footie pajamas with his blankie around his neck. Was that on purpose? Is he making fun of Supes’ costume?

  8. There is some real great decisions here. the Superman and Flash are particularly fun, but once again WW proves that she should be wearing white and gold. Love the way she is drawn.

    @sharkfur: You “respect other people’s efforts” and “don’t wanna sound vulgar or like a troll” would sound more sincere if you hadn’t made jokes about the man’s work and had signed your name to your opinion.

  9. I love green lantern’s smug grin! I also like this team being more of a whole now, even though I don’t see this running as a full fleged series I love it! Good job!

  10. Eventually Batman is just going to be a black silhouette standing next to a pillar under a bridge. Great designs definitely reflecting the lunch hour he spent on them. Draftsmenship is not dead.

  11. The style is fun, perfect for a child book, but I don’t like most of the designs, nor the idea of the JLA using a logo on their individual costumes. Maybe adding a badge to their belts, representing that they are a kind of worldwide-superpolice

  12. This is one team that doesn’t need a unifying emblem on the costumes, and yeah, really don’t care for hobo Flash.

  13. Maybe if Wonder Woman’s jumpsuit wasn’t almost the same color as her skin it would work better. Right now it looks like she’s naked with some questionable taste in jewelry (and very baggy skin). Also not sure about the star on her crotch. Looks like a tattoo. I can’t really say I’m a huge fan of any of these designs, really. Maybe if they were for a Justice League parody they’d work, but not as redesigns for the real characters.

  14. I am amused that the lines on Batman’s chin and shirt line up in such a way as to make it look like he’s drooling. :)

    These are very cartoony, but underneath the humorous artwork, the designs have some good points. I think WW is pretty cool, although I’d go for something more colorful. Martian Manhunter needs some work, but it’s an interesting direction.

    I think Flash is the weakest. The fastest man alive doesn’t need a beard to create drag, and the elbow and knee pads clutter up what should be a very sleek design.

  15. these are all really bold and fun. Batman doesn’t really do it for me though, but I LOVE beard-flash. I almost want to try drawing him myself, such a fun design!

  16. I think the appeal of white as a dominating color for Wonder Woman is that it doubles, proportionally, as skin tone.

  17. @Daniel Heard

    You know, the fact that I don’t “refine” my opinion in a way that it becomes “socially acceptable” as a polite comment doesn’t mean I don’t respect the work. I acknowledge the time and effort he put in it, all I’m saying is that it is hard to take the designs seriously with something being faulty in most of the characters.

  18. Thank you for all the comments!
    I did these redesigns for fun, and i’m glad that there are people who find them funny. I just wanted to try a different style on them. I agree with you, some of them are out of character, maybe it’s because i had power rangers in my mind when i worked on them. And Flash with a beard? Why not? And, yes, he really looks like Conan O’Brien, even though i didn’t do this on purpose. They might be an alternate cartoony universe jla. Thank you once again everybody for your comments and thank you P:R for uploading my redesigns on your website. :)

  19. Doesn’t the Flash also have a faster-than-normal metabolism? Then it makes sense that the Flash’s beard just grows so fast that it’s not practical to cut – by the end of the day it’s back again!

  20. sharkfur:

    I’m not attempting to step inside the discussion, but to remind you that Project Rooftop has been lucky in its history to avoid the stereotypical language and tone of most internet blogs and forums. It’s one of the best things about the site, that it’s a safe space where criticism and praise is delivered in tailored, specific insightful points.

    You may respect the art and the artist, but please also respect the atmosphere of the site.

  21. I love the recent string of gold/white Wonder Woman looks — the current look is solid, but it’s rare that two such disparate themes fit one character so well.

    As for the Flash, it could be interesting to have some sort of idea that his enhanced metabolism causes his hair to grow faster? Or he’s Conan O’Brien.

  22. Just figured out what Green Lantern looks like …… Syndrome from The Incredibles , the jaw line and smirk totally looks like him but all in all these are great interpretations on these characters.

  23. While I’m not crazy about these designs, the idea of a subtle unifying “badge” for the league is interesting. One of the earlier posters suggested that their belt buckles should match, and that’s a great idea.
    It’s the only way I’d see Batman getting on board with it when he’s putting in his JLA hours.

  24. These are all great. Obviously, they’re not to be taken too seriously as redesigns for these characters, but they were done for fun, and it shows. I really do like the colors used on Superman a lot, and I’m officially sold on the gold and white theme for WW. I realize it’s more of a skin tone than white, but it does look very similar to most of the gold and white costumes we’ve seen on this site, and it’s not hard to imagine what it would look like. Martian Manhunter’s costume is actually much better than anything I’ve seen him wear before and really fits the character well; much better than those ridiculous pirate boots and straps across his chest. The Flash’s costume is alright for regular continuity, but the goofy beard would never work. It’s great for this style though. Green Lantern and Batman are both very nice too. Their outfits are easily recognizable, and anyone who has ever seen early appearances of Batman knows that Wolverine totally stole his look, not the other way around. I have to say, actually having ‘JLA’ written into the symbols doesn’t really work for me, but as I said before, these are just fun and they don’t have to make sense!

    Great job and thanks for sharing, Mr. Kambadais.

  25. lol. these are pretty funny. the superman costume (with except of the JLA potion) actually fits him and i can see this on him normally; and green lantern costume fits his military history and the corps police feel. as for the rest, flash is funny, manhunter is to sci-fi, wolverine should have made a left at albuquerque, and wonder woman looks like she got dressed at madonna’s house.

  26. I can’t say I’m a fan of these designs… I like the idea of giving them a matching logo or similar uniform (team spirit and whatnot) but unless the purpose of the design was to be comical, I don’t like the oversized onesies look. The only one that works for me is Wonder Woman, Superman looking the least convincing. Conan O’Flash is good, even just for the beard. Not enough superheroes with beards :)

  27. Richard JP Le Guen:
    Doesn’t the Flash also have a faster-than-normal metabolism? Then it makes sense that the Flash’s beard just grows so fast that it’s not practical to cut – by the end of the day it’s back again!

    And why doesn’t it look like Gandalf’s beard then? What would make its growth stop at exactly THAT length?

  28. G.D.:
    While I’m not crazy about these designs, the idea of a subtle unifying “badge” for the league is interesting. One of the earlier posters suggested that their belt buckles should match, and that’s a great idea.

    Isn’t that a bit obvious and overused? I inda like the idea of the logo mashups here. It IS campy, in a Batman of the 60’s kind of way, but I don’t mind.

  29. DannyIndeed:
    These are fun, and the more I see Wonder Woman designs in gold and white, the more I think that should be the way her official costume goes. That being said, I’ll never forgive you for turning the Flash into a hipster…

    I like the white and gold look for WW as well. Personally, I’m less pleased with the “JLA” letters in the logos that most people here seem to be. In particular, I would think that the Guardians of the Universe would censure Hal Jordan for being partially out of uniform–but then their dress code has to be flexible, what with having a planet in the Corps and all…

    The overall ideas aren’t bad, though, even (perhaps especially) the ones I disagree with.

  30. I can’t get over the fact that two different people described Flash as a “hipster”. Because he has a beard??? Haha.

    Anyway, I kinda feel like some people are missing the intent and tone of these designs. They’re for fun, they’re definitely more of a for kids look given the proportions. I do think they could be refined, Martian Manhunter and Green Lantern are my least favorites, I like the rest though. The JLA team logo idea could’ve been pulled off better. It seems the most absurd and distracting on Batman.

    Wonder Woman looks GREAT, I would not mind if that was her in continuity look.

  31. Wow. Never seen so many ‘not a fan of…’ remarks in one post before. These designs have exposed the soft ‘I kinda like the status quo’ underbelly of the P:R community and given us all a great big tickle. Sure the designs are fun (really fun!) but they also challenge what the status quo of these characters really is. And that takes guts.
    It’s also really hard.
    I tip my (JLA-branded, Zantanna-esque) hat.

  32. I think some of the design choices are absolutely spot on. The art style does not reflect my taste, but that does not mean it isn’t extremely well executed. I’m not enamoured of the large emblems sported by the league, and the JLA doesn’t work at all. A more stylized league symbol would work though.
    As was stated already, it takes a lot of moxie to make such drastic changes. Perhaps with another pass or two these could be brilliant reinterpretations of classic characters.

  33. I find ’em adorably off-putting… like if the Peanuts gang had grown up in dysfunctional homes in the DC Silver Age.

    (This is the kind of entry that would have greatly benefited had some sort of statement of intent from the artist been included with the original post. Context is quite helpful, especially in such subjective matters, and would likely have mitigated the conflict that flared in the comments.)

  34. I’ve been a huge follower of this site for some time, and I’m still being amazed by the level of awesomeness of the redesigns found here, rather than all the offcial ones, in each of every major publisher.

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