P:R Redesign: Dou Hong’s Blue Beetle: Animated!

Note: Sometimes the best designs for comic characters come when you’re thinking of something besides.. Using Cully Hamner’s Blue Beetle design as a starting point, artist Dou Hong extrapolated an entire cast of characters for a animated take on DC’s wielder of the alien scarab. Hong created 19 unique reinterpretations of Beetle’s rogue’s gallery to create one of the most impressive line-ups in some time. Go over to Hong’s DevianrtArt to read up on his detailed thoughts abotu the designs. – Chris A.

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  2. It does have a very Spectacular Spider-man feel to it. I still have a Spec Spidey-shaped hole in my heart since the series’ abrupt cancellation, so this equally appealing and fresh take on another character brightens my day a little.

  3. I really wish they’d use some different characters for animated series, they always return to the same ones. How many Batman cartoons do you need per generation?

  4. Make it happen, DC. Shhh…don’t argue, DC. Just make it happen. I think the fans have a better idea of what they want than you do.

  5. These are awesome! Prism and Dreamcatcher are my favorites. I’d much rather see something like this than the current comic.

  6. I *bleep*ing LOVE these! Get this guy on Blue Beetle immediately. Reminds me of Sean Galloway’s art. I think the book would really stand out if they would try a bold and fun art stile like this. Blue Beetle could be on of the most popular DC characters. He could be their Spider-Man.

    I want to see this in a book or cartoon so bad.

  7. You know what I like about this? Apart from Blue Beetle himself, I don’t recognize a single character. The reason this is good as that all of these characters are well-drawn, and are obviously designed to relate to Jaime in some way. Basically, it would be an animated series that felt new to younger generations, and would be incredibly cool.

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