All-Ages All-Stars: Evan “Doc” Shaner & Jon Morris’ Young Inhumans!

Note: Although they say there’s still work to be done, I couldn’t help but showing off what artists Evan “Doc” Shaner and Jon Morris have been working on (and posting on their blogs) for a Project: Rooftop entry. The imagination here is invigorating, and when you factor in that this is unfinished and there’s more characters they plan on doing renditions of, I challenge you not to be on the edge of your seat. – Chris A.

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  1. Usually I think people are a bit too liberal with “I would totally read this series” (maybe they just buy a lot more comics than me, I don’t know). That being said, I would totally subscribe to this series, preorder the absolute edition, bid on the original art, etc.

  2. This look incredible. I love the concept of seeing the Inhumans at an early age and their costumes are eye-catching. They stay true to the roots of Kirby’s design while offering a new take altogether. I dig Black Bolt’s boy king look and Medusa is amazing. But the one item that sold it for me was the toddler Crystal and the puppy version of Lockjaw. XD OMG, that is so cute! I would definitely be on board this if Marvel published this. I cannot wait to see how Doc and Jon redesign the rest of the Inhumans.

    Mr. Q

  3. Love ’em!
    It’s my standard bias on P:R, but these are so Silver Age-y that it makes me jump for joy.
    Simple, classic, and really powerful— these people look like superhumans!
    And a book about the formative years of the Inhumans would fly off the shelves, guaranteed.

  4. I really like Medusa’s getup. The extension of her top down her hips gives it an interesting shape, and if we can handwave capes as somehow being practical superhero attire, I see no reason why we can’t do the same for her fabulous sleeves.

  5. These. Are. Awesome! BLACKAGON! I totally had forgotten Blackbolt’s full name- Blackagar Boltagon!

    Love the Inhumans. Can’t wait to see more. I’ll have to noodle on over to their artblogs in the near future to see everything so far!

    I love the big, teardrop sleeves and back on Medusa’s costume. They look like negative space when framed in all of her formidable orange locks, and I love it. Did I say I love it yet?

    Jack Kirby would be proud.

  6. This is a really tremendous set of designs. So pitch-perfect I expect someone will unearth an unpublished set of Kirby pencils about Kid Inhumans and these will be the designs.

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  9. This is awesome. Not because these kids are adorable-though they are-but because they demonstrate an understanding of the characters, no matter how old they are. Blackbolt’s outfit resembles a formal suit, and his young eyes already look old, creating the image of a boy accustomed to authority. And Medusa’s hair looks so real and looks like she actually has to accommodate for it whenever she does something. Which she would.

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