P:R Redesign: Joel Priddy’s Woman In Red!

Note: From the Golden Age of comics comes Joel Priddy‘s revival of the public domain heroine Woman In Red. Originally created in 1940’s Thrilling Comics #2, Woman In Red holds the distinction of being the first female costumed hero ever  but fell by the wayside just a few years after her debut. For this redesign, Joel opted to ditch the original’s evening wear attire in favor of “a more practical approach.” Bonus points to Joel for turning the original’s gun into a super-power coming out of the Woman in Red’s extended finger! And riding cap +  mask? Excellent!- Chris A.

9 comments to “P:R Redesign: Joel Priddy’s Woman In Red!”
  1. Joel sense of style and elegance, even with a genre as strange and bizarre as Superheroes, never ceases to amaze me. Had the original Woman In Red, been decked out in these scarlet duds, she may have lasted longer. Needless to say, I love it!

  2. great redesign, very practical adventuring duds, the .45’s would look great with this design along with double shoulder holsters.

  3. Great design… I’m glad to see at least this part of project rooftop won’t be shut down since they rethink copyright free characters, for the rest, lets hope for the best…

  4. Incredibly distasteful. The original Woman in Red was something of a mysterious ghost, akin to the “Lady in White”. This design skips all the eerie feeling about her and turns her into some knockoff cricket-player. I mean, Knickerbockers, for crying out loud? Where’s the style in that?

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