P:R Redesign: Kris Anka’s Catwoman!

Note: One of our newest P:R Regulars Kris Anka returns with a stunningly simple take on DC’s resident femme fatale. Taking cues from several versions, Anka has created an simply redesign. Bonus points for the Cat emblem!. – Chris A.

Here’s Kris’ comments on his design:

So with all the hubbub with the Dark Knight Rises redesign, I just figured I take my own stab at her, because for the most part, I’ve never really thought about her costume much before. And as I was mulling it over, as much as I like the Darwyn Cooke design, the old Julie Newmar version really struck me as fitting her character a lot more. Granted, I think of her much more lighthearted than a disgruntled former prostitute. I personally like the character better as an overly playful fashionable femme fatale, so i took a far more flashy stance to the costume than a realistic one. I find that the realistic believable approach only goes so far, because, come on, this is superheroes. They shouldn’t have to make complete 100% sense. They need an element of spectacle and iconography. I’m still waiting for the Batman movie with grey cotton tights.

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  1. Love the cat belt-buckle. The Shawl makes me think of Captain Harlock, but I dig it as well. Fun design, but now I’m upset that it won’t be realized on film. Like Batman’s grey costume.

  2. “I find that the realistic believable approach only goes so far, because, come on, this is superheroes. They shouldn’t have to make complete 100% sense. They need an element of spectacle and iconography.”

    ABSOLUTELY!! This should be tacked up on every publisher and movie studio’s bulletin boards. And this is a great design, very sleek and fresh, while paying homage to many of Selina’s looks over the years.

  3. I don’t really like that low boat-neck … seems a bit impractical. But I LOVE everything else; especially the poncho and the boots

  4. Is it redundant to have the ears on the glasses and the head? I think maybe…but I love the first (left) one. Fantastic work.

  5. First of all, love it! Well I love everything except the hair, exactly how does that work? Are those cat ears just clumps of hair brushed into that shape? I’m scratching my head. Other than that I great stuff.

  6. That’s spectacular.

    As much as I’ve generally liked the whole noir take on Catwoman that has dominated the character in comics since Batman: Year One, I have to agree with the artist: with her, maybe fun works better than angst.

  7. I think Kris made her neck a little too long on the second image, but I really love this design overall. I also agree with his practicality sentiments. It shouldn’t have to be 100% realistic as long as it looks good.

  8. Simply stunning! The capelet looks like it’ll get in the way when I picture her moving, but then again it really adds alot of class. In fact the suit itself is just so elegant, with the low boatneck and collar just adding a nice visual variance and focus. Love it to bits! Chic, feminine and absolutely in sync with her character – Great job! :) Nice touch with the heel boots btw :)

  9. Simply gorgeous! Seriously, what’s not to love with this design? Her bare chest and shoulders even resembles a cat’s chest markings. An amazing design.

  10. Not sure where Kris gets the idea that anyone thinks that superheroes are supposed to make 100% sense, but that aside . . . It’s a nice illo, but not really a radical reinvention of Catwoman. I mean, it’s basically a low cut black cat suit, not so much different than what she wears now with the top partially unzipped. My biggest concern is what’s going on with the upper chest part: is that white space between the collar and bosom a different colored portion of the suit or a cutout showing flesh? If it’s the latter, is the collar connected to the rest of the suit in the back? Is it a separate piece not connected? It looks a bit odd for her to have the top of the suit cut out and then just be wearing a separate collar piece with what appears to be its own zipper. I like the hair but like Stephen I’m not sure what’s going on with the cat ear shapes on her head. Are they just clip-ons? There are some nice ideas here, but I think they could stand to be worked through a bit to be pulled together.

    I do really like the cape/shawl, though. A very nice touch.

    And, as usual, I love Kris’ drawing style.

  11. Kalorama, I think he’s referring to the movie treatment of the costumes. Batman in particular. Kris is partial to the grey cotton costume which may not be practical in fighting armed thugs, but certainly looks better(more iconic) than the armor laden, ninja inspired getup he wears on TDK.

  12. I love this design. It would probably work really well for an animated treatment of Catwoman, especially a hyper-stylized Batman cartoon. Now I want to see Batman done in a similar fashion…

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  14. Well. I didn’t even think about it like this. Much more playful, stylized Catwoman. Ooooo… now I’m thinking of an ultra-stylized Catwoman short…

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