P:R Approved: Nick Bradshaw’s Future X-Men in “Wolverine & The X-Men”

Note: I don’t know about you, but the recently launched Wolverine And The X-Men has been a breath of fresh air in Marvel’s mutant comics — and that was only doubled when artist Nick Bradshaw took over. Following after Chris Bachalo is a challenge unto itself, but Bradshaw excelled and also introduced us to a future team of X-Men featuring some of today’s teen mutants all grown up — and some merged with other concepts. Quintin Quire as Phoenix, with a tinge of Charles Xavier? A Brood as X-Man? Lapsed X-men fans might not know who any of these are, but you can’t help but enjoy the decisions and maybe — just maybe — want to give this title a look. Here’s sketches Bradshaw did of the future team, taken from this Newsarama.com interview with writer Jason Aaron. Be sure to click on each image to blow it up — the small notes Bradshaw makes are worth reading! – Chris A.

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  1. i couldn’t agree more, Wolverine and The X-Men has become one of my favorite reads out of Marvel’s fall batch of new series. Some of the characters like Kid Gladiator are soo cheesy you can’t help but enjoy them, that along with them acknowledging and connecting Wolverine’s adventures with Uncanny X-Force to this new book and the incredible artwork keeps me coming back. Also, as a heads up for anyone looking to check it out, issue #5 hits comic shops today.

  2. I believe the internet-centric geek speak required here is: SQUEE! These are awesomesauce. Kid Gladiator (12-13), baby Nightcrawler and Deathlok are fantastic, and Quentin/Phoenix is BRILLIANT. So much win in this post!

  3. Def their best series at the moment! Quentin Quire’s just a really great addition to the book, and the art for the X-books in general has been on the up and up, loving Bradshaw’s work and really anticipating the upcoming issues. Keeping my hopes up that we’ll see more of the other staff members (Chamber, anyone?)

  4. Haven’t picked up Wolverine and the X-Men since issue 2. And I kind of love Bachelo’s work, ever since Generation X. I think Bradshaw is a great fit for the book though, these concept pieces are great. What I really want now is a Kid Apocalypse Kid Gladiatior buddy comic, those guys are the best thing ever.

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