P:R Redesign: Kris Anka’s Aquaman & Zatanna!

Note: P:R Regular Kris Anka is back, and carrying on his methodical redesign of DC’s finest — The Justice League. After tackling the big threewith his Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman, he goes for marine life and magic with Aquaman and Zatanna. Just as each design is a unique revision of what’s gone before, take note to see how Anka has kept a cohesive over-arching design to all of the JLA characters he’s done so far. – Chris A.

13 comments to “P:R Redesign: Kris Anka’s Aquaman & Zatanna!”
  1. Timberoo:
    Very nice designs, though I can’t help wishing Zatanna had fishnets

    Honestly, I can’t see much difference between Anka’s version and the official (older and better) one aside from said fishnets.

    That said, both of these look good.

  2. Aquaman has enough problems being taken seriously without being barred from entering a 7-11. Needs a shirt! The general art is great, though.

  3. Love Aquaman’s regal, warrior-prince style here. Getting rid of the top seems perfect for an underwater character, but is done a lot better here than in previous redesigns of the character.

    On the flip side, giving Zatanna a bit more coverage is a great choice. The button-up shirt is big improvement over her normal top. I prefer her classic short gloves, though — these look too much like a kickboxer’s wraps to me and not something a stage magician would wear.

  4. Hell, why not both have fishnets, Timberoo?
    While I don’t have much to say about the designs here (since I’m never too sure what these characters are currently wearing in their books), I do want to point out that I like the choice of rendering the flesh tones but leaving everything else very flat.
    I’m left wondering what is going on with those shoulder straps of Aquaman’s in the back.

  5. All I’m seeing on the Zatanna redesign is her classic costume, sans fishnets. And any Zatanna costume should at least reference the fishnets.

  6. I like Zatanna’s ankle boots; the thigh highs Brian Bolland gave her always just looked clunky and odd to me. The gloves, not so much- makes her look like she’s trying to cover up a bad skin rash or something.

  7. See, I personally always thought that Aquaman’s costume was one that was on the same level as Superman’s or Spiderman’s; it was perfect from the get go. With that said, it makes it very difficult for me to get behind Kris’ design. It doesn’t seem very regal, in fact he now resembles something of a high-priced gladiator or a noble savage.

    Perhaps if there was a real shirt that left his arms exposed, I could get behind it, but at the moment? I’d say it was one of Kris’ weaker designs.

    Zatanna design seems fine to me. It’s a great example of streamlining though I’m left wondering what the purpose of the long gloves are.

  8. I like Aquaman’s look. I’m not crazy about the things in the shoulder/neck, but it’s okay. And Aquaman IS better off without a shirt, he could wear it for functions and stuff, but I think he looks more powerful without it. (Also MANFLESH!)

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