P:R Redesign: Shawn Yap’s Generation X (Part One)!

Note: Last month’s redesign of Green Lantern by Shawn Yap proved to be one of our more popular posts in recent memory, and we’re thankful to have Shawn back for a return visit with this simple yet evocative glimpses at his rendition of Marvel’s Generation X. Keeping in the tradition of unified costume designs with unique touches of flair for each character, Yap’s take on this teen team are a lot to take in. And just wait for part 2 later this year as Yap takes on the rest of Gen-X squad. – Chris A.

Yap’s thoughts on Chamber:

Definitely the powerhouse of the group, next to M. I’ve always seen him as a character that’s about control – to really try and reign it in, despite the consequences that came with his mutant powers. I’ve also always loved the aesthetic design for Chamber – the half hidden face and all, and decided to keep that with the high-collar trench coat. Threw in some power inhibitors/indicators and gave him pistols that can tap into the vast psionic energy in his body. Gives the codename Chamber a double meaning as well.

Yap on Jubilee:

As the most out-spoken member of the team, Jubilee got the flashiest version of the uniform – with more highlights than the other members. I also wanted it to reflect her personality, brash, loud and sure of herself – like fireworks. (Given her power-set, she could also act as the teams default “bait” character) On a more practical aspect, gave her goggles to shield her eyes from all that light, and threw in headphones – figured she probably would want music as she’s beating the crap out of bad guys. She also has a lot more X-symbols on her – to commemorate her stint in the main X-team. :)

Yap on Skin:

Like Chamber, Skin is one of those characters that have to live with the physical transformations caused by his mutation. However, I see him as a character who is torn between being confident of himself but yet needing to hide from the world, hence the hoodie – short sleeve mash-up. Visualised him as a assassin-type character as well, with him being able to use his extended skin to swing around and change to various weapons. His shoes can mesh together or break into individual toes – figured his skin is still pretty vulnerable so shoes would help.

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  1. That Chamber design knocks it out of the park. I always liked Chamber conceptually, but never enjoyed him aesthetically. Other artists tend to draw him like like a giant blotch or open wound. It’s distracting. Shawn’s redesign shows Chamber more in control, more mysterious and more deadly. I can easily see him unleashing his power in a two page spread and the juxtaposition being very dynamic. BIG upgrade.

  2. I’m not familiar with Skin, but I really, really dig Chmaber’s design. It’s the kind of idea that I could totally see working in the main X-Men books, especially right now. Well done!

  3. Really love the chamber design as well as Jubilee! Skin looks great and the power enhancement is cool, as he couldn’t reshape it into weapons really. Can’t wait to see part two.

  4. This is a mixed bag for me. I really like the B&W motif for the costumes overall, though I imagine that in a group shot they become something of a jumble. Which could be cool, or could be a mess. Jubilee is my favorite of the bunch, and may mark the only time I’ve ever actually liked a costume that she’s worn, so that in and of itself is a huge victory here. I’m digging on Chamber’s jacket and gun rig, though the gun design itself leaves me wanting a little more (such as, if he’s just channeling his own inner energy, why does the gun have a firing pin on the back?). I’d rather see him wearing some boots like Jubilee as well, as the bell-bottom pants and the white shoes give him kind of a disco flair.

    Skin’s costume is both suitable and creepy, and I think the hood is a really nice touch. Never liked Skin as a character, as it seems he’s got one of the more useless mutant powers I can imagine, but I love this execution.

  5. Chamber’s white monkstrap shoes won my heart. The perfect RocknRolla touch that goes perfectly with his new pistols, which are inspire. It’s clear Shawn loves Chamber, so much thought has gone into the character and how that would reflect in the way he looks. Bravo.

  6. Hi– just wondering if this is something anyone can get involved in? As in, do you have to wait for a contest or challenge, or do you just send in your redesigns as you like? This is something I would absolutely LOVE to try out. :)

  7. The Jubilee costume is solid as a redesign my only wish was that the color scheme to be different to play on her colorful powers but in all incredible. Skin is a complete redesign from power to costume it’s out of the park. Chamber’s costume alone could be the standard uniform for this design of X-Men a multiple layered uniform each X-man with a cloak or coat Chamber’s shoes are official like a referee with a whistle.

  8. As others have said: if I liked Skin, I’d like your design :). Chamber just looks dangerous and more mature. The energy/gun thing reminds me of Cyclops and someone else, can’t think who.

  9. All of these are amazing, especially Chamber. I’d pick this book up in a heartbeat. I mean, you made *Skin* look and sound awesome!

  10. Generation X occupies such a delightful spot in my 90s nostalgia world. I’m so glad to see them revisited like this. I love the takes on Jubilee and Skin! Gotta say, though, that I always liked Chamber having that massive gap in his face and chest. It’s kinda sad to see that go.

  11. Oh, my. How can I not love them. I formative years of life and comic reading were based around these characters. I developed my illustration skills with these characters. I was completely immersed in GenX when it was around, from the Phalanx saga until the end of their series. This makes me nostalgic, so it has major points in its favor already.
    My only “complaint” is that Skin should still have bones and muscle tissue. This works as a 2012 reimagining of these characters that were 100% a product of the 90s. Chamber is so sharp looking. I would like to see some of that refined look to Jubilee–though that is part of her character, so I can’t argue too much there. I cannot wait to see Synch, Husk, and Monet. I hope even Penance, Mondo, Gaia, even Artie and Leech will show up.

  12. OK. I love these. A lot.


    Chamber looks mysterious and awesome and I like how creepy Skin looks. It’s something I wish the’d emphasize about Mr Fantastic, actually. That power can be more weird and freaky than goofy. These are perfect, can’t wait to see the rest.

  13. The timing of these redesigns is perfect because I had just finished rereading the Phalanx saga for the third time a week ago. I have to say, the combination of all the black in Jubilee’s costume coupled with just a touch of white, and her stance-toes pointed outward with one hand on her hip-immediately made me think of Daffy Duck. However, I really do love all of these designs. Chamber is my favorite character that I know almost nothing about. I just remember seeing him all the time in the 90’s and thinking he looked so awesome. Shawn’s design definitely keeps the level of awesome high, and the addition of guns opens the door to a lot of great possibilities both design and story-wise. The idea that Jubilee’s powers would be reflected in the white sections of her costume is a fun one. I have to agree with most others about Skin; he was never one of my favorites. I love the position he was drawn in in this picture though, and the new take on his powers could potentially change the way I feel about him. His outfit is great. It’s just too bad we won’t get to see these new versions in action ever. Amazing job, Mr. Yap!

  14. Super sharp. They ride the line between youthful and sophisticated perfectly. Chamber is my favorite. I wonder if it was intentional to have the tubes between his body and handguns be a reference to his relationship to Clan Akaba and Apocalypse?

  15. Thanks everybody! Appreciate the cool comments! :D haha.. oh, erm… I didnt read that Clan Akaba period of Jono’s story, I’ve only heard of it so it was totally unintentional! haha heard many things about that particular arc thou haha..

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