P:R Approved: Blair J. Campbell’s Starfire

Note: Our friends at Superhero of the Month are doling out the entries from their recent Starfire contest, and amongst the entries was one that stood out to both Dean and I. The winner hasn’t been declared yet, but This design by Blair J. Campbell gets high marks from us for being inventive, cool, and just plan fun-looking to draw. Great looking work! – Chris A.

Here’s what Campbell said about the design:

Rather than go the ultra-sleazy route that seems to be popular these days, I decided to go retro-chic. I designed the costume to be an homage to the ’50s style “space girl” look — still being sexy,  without giving it all away for free. As for her skin, I tried to give her an almost translucent, glowing quality. Her power is actually radiating from within her body, much like an actual star. I imagined that the hair would be so much of an actual flame, but something along the lines of plasma and solar flares. It’s constantly shifting and morphing.

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  1. What?! I can’t see her nipples! Her ladygarden is completely covered! This costume looks functional, comfortable and practical! . . . I CAN’T FAP TO THIS.

  2. NICE! Really cool that you broke away from the usual skin-fest Starfire seems to be a victim of. :) Love the idea of the glowing skin but I do wish it could glow a liiiiiiiitttle bit more because it isn’t that apparent, but then again it’s just me nitpicking! I love it! Great work!! :)

  3. Just a note, but Blair’s very much could be the winner. We still haven’t posted all of the submissions or determined who will win yet.

  4. Crap, I should have posted this all in one comment. But I wanted to say thanks for posting this, because Blair’s is one of the many standout submissions that really shows how much better Starfire could have been in the New 52.

  5. I dig the stylish yet more concealing outfit by Blair. My second fav from Superhero of the Month is the one done by Hanna Pettersson.


    I love how she made the look of Starfire from the Teen Titans animated series into an adult. Still looks beautiful while being tasteful. ^_^

    This is who I would trust a redesign. Talented artists who love these characters and offer their own unique twist while remaining true to the past. Kudos to Blair, Hanna, and all those at Superhero of the Month for their contribution.

    Mr. Q

  6. Great redesign, DC really dropped the ball with its reboot. Just a failed mish mash of half baked ideas. It’d be nice if they would go with creators that care about the characters like this artist.

  7. Now THIS is a good redesign. Unlike DC, which seemed to think that new=shiny and that more skin meant a better design (a notable exception to both being Superman’s Action Comics outfit, which I actually liked a lot), this design takes the essence of the character and manages to make her both more alien AND more heroic looking (as opposed to looking like one of the innumerable rainbow space-babes Captain Kirk has shacked up with).

  8. I really like this… except the sleeves. They don’t really add anything, and iirc, Starfire absorbs solar radiation through her skin, so I’d at least leave those uncovered with maybe some forearm guards. I love the idea of her being y’know dressed

  9. Oh, you people and your kid’s cartoon obsessions… The only homage paid here is to that horrible redesign made safe for 8 year olds, as compared to any aspect of the original character. Why would a character who derives sustenance/power from the sun cover herself up so much? And yes, that is a valid question regarding Superman and Kryptonians, as well. Also, it speaks nothing of Tamaran as it was depicted in the comics. You are ascribing standards of modesty that are nonexistent in the society she’s from.

  10. Except this is also a combat uniform. She’s not modest, but I doubt she’s super fond of just walking around naked all the time

  11. You know what; you’re absolutely right. I have been moved by your amazing logic. I now want to see Superman in nothing but a big, red Banana Hammock. It’s not like he gets cold or needs shoes. Let’s get him in a man-thong and really maximize his efficiency at absorbing solar energy. What do you say gang?

  12. Indeed, Mr. Larorre. Indeed. Furthermore, Captain Atom’s containment suit badly needs a thong-shaped design on it, while Mon-El wears nothing more than an uber-tiny loincloth.

    Actually, better idea: Make all male superheroes wear Starfire’s outfit from Red Hood and the Outlaws. That should be completely fair and non-controversial.

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