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  1. This is great stuff!! Really adore the details of the dress! Not very amazonian, but definitely a 140% princess! Lol! Would love to see this in one of the elseworld tales! :)

  2. Seriously now: Why couldn’t a superheroine skirt be knee length ALine cut with pleats?
    It’s very attractive, avoids the exposed crotch of the superheroic micromini, and would move like a cape in action.

  3. OK, how many people upon seeing this pic smiled? Raise your hands? Everyone? I thought so. This is so cute and happy .

  4. I don’t see WW wearing this even on her day off. Let’s face it, she is more of a tomboy or even *gasp* a feminist. I picture her asking the same questions the female baseball players asked about their skirts in “A League of Their Own” … what works great here is the stars. I love how they transition from being 5 pointed to being realistic, and the de-saturated blue is a good choice. Change that skirt into leggings and you have a nice WW suit. The pseudo anime artwork great and the coloring, too.

  5. thanks for the kind comments, everyone! I really appreciate it :) And while I do agree this isn’t very Amazonian, I also think that one doesn’t have to hate skirts to be a feminist! I see Wonder Woman as someone who is strong and beautiful and doesn’t need to eschew or alienate her femininity. Rather, she’d embrace it whole-heartedly, and kick a few asses along the way while she’s at it (in my humble opinion).

  6. @Jay: How is wearing a dress un-feminist? Saying “I don’t like this dress” or “I don’t think this dress is something Wondy would wear” are fine, but let’s not go into “This dress insults women” territory.

  7. I adore this. Can’t decide if I like the top of the bodice or the shoes best. Someone needs to make this. I would rock this dress.

  8. This is so beautiful. When will DC make a Wonder Woman comic for everybody (let alone that girls can read). I just want to read a Wonder Woman comic that’s fun and beautiful to look at.

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  10. I don’t even see how this can be un-amazon. It’s really nice and it hits every single button on my “this is wonder woman” meter. The only thing I’d even think of adding would be gold spaghetti straps to prevent “slipping” in an emergency

  11. Great design. However, I see Wonder Girl, more than Wonder Woman. I’d imagine that Diana would want to step away from something that looks just like the outfit she wears 24/7, though.

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