Invincible: Viltrumite Vogue Honorable Mentions!

Note: In the end, only so many people could win awards but we wanted to take time out to honor the other top contenders. These are the honorable mentions for Project: Rooftop’s Invincible: Viltrumite Vogue Redesign Contest. Congratulations to all! – Chris A.

Michel Mulipola

Mathew Grigsby

Luis Ernesto

Kendall Goode

Jorge Daniel Romero Castillo

Jorell Rivera

Jonathan Kociuba

John Wilkinson

John McGuinness

John Green

Elizabeth Beals

Eddie Eadge-Nieves

Don Edwards

Daniel Stroe

Daniel Heard

Christian Palmer-Smith

Chris Saunders

Chris Monroe

Barry Prioste

Armando Batista

Anthony Diecidue

Alex Mitchell

Nuno Plati

18 comments to “Invincible: Viltrumite Vogue Honorable Mentions!”
  1. These are all so fun! They should do an invasion of good alternate-Invincibles as well. I could see Michel Mulipola’s design for one being a cocky older version. I think Chris Saunders’ is strong enough to be it’s own hero, just not Invincible.

  2. I like Chris Monroe’s quite a bit. It still says Invincible but looks a bit more serious, like halfway between the original and black&blue costumes.

  3. You know, there’s one problem I see with John Green’s design. If he has unbreakable skin (by human standards) then how would the tattoos set in?

    The designs by Luis Ernesto, Daniel Stroe and Chris Monroe are the only ones here that I think Mark could actually pull off on a regular basis. They just fit the character and his sense of practicality and iconic costuming so much more than any of the others.

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  5. A lot of great takes here, allcwell drawn, but I especially like Chris Saunders’ contribution. Its just out there compared to the rest of the designs. The space suit style of it recalls Mark’s extraterrestrial lineage but if you take awy the helmet its a superhero costume. It’s pretty awesome.

  6. I think that Chris Monroe design really should have been one of the finalists. It actually fixes the few issues I have with the actual comic costume. The “i” is handled in a creative way and reads more clearly than the real costume does, and the eye things make more sense as goggles. It looks iconic and captures all of the flavor of the original. Was it judged too close to the original?

  7. Thank you so much for the honorable mention. My children were jumping with joy when they saw my submission. PR is a big thing in our household. This is the first out of 4 contests that something made it on this site. Thank you again and I am excited for the next one.

    Oh and I really like Michel Mulipola design and I now know what a bum fluff is.

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