All-Ages All-Stars: Evan “Doc” Shaner & Jon Morris’ Young Inhumans, Part 2!

Note: Evan “Doc” Shaner and Jon Morris are back with two more entries into their ever-growing kid-friendly take on Marvel’s Inhumans. This curious creation by Jack Kirby has new life and gives my imagination fuel for all sorts of new stories should Evan & Jon ever received the chance to tell those stories!  – Chris A.

5 comments to “All-Ages All-Stars: Evan “Doc” Shaner & Jon Morris’ Young Inhumans, Part 2!”
  1. After seeing the first installment of Doc and Jon’s reinterpretation of the Inhumans, I kept revisiting their blogs to see how the other cast members turned out. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

    Nice to see Gorgon in a human form for once. He looks rather cute in his prepubescent form. Also Karnak and Triton look fantastic, especially Triton’s new outfit. I’ve always had a beef with his outfit in the comics (him wearing swim trucks and having tubes on the tops of his arms and legs) but his new outfit looks great.

    I would definitely buy this series if Marvel gave it the green light. I’m wondering how Doc and Jon would redo Maximus the Mad. Also, its got a puppy Lockjaw! How can you say no to that?!

    Mr. Q

  2. A little letdown by Karnak (needs his weird hat, or an equivalent-maybe it would look better with the hood up), but otherwise I continue to love these. This really would make for the best series.

  3. Gorgon, even though he’s clearly a child, already has perfect bulky proportions. Tritons is adorably awkward, and Kanak looks like the marital-art monk that he is. Great job!

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