P:R Approved: Kevin Wada’s X-Men Coutoure Do “Vanity Fair”

Note: X-Men have always had a unique sense of style, but artist Kevin Wada has been taking that up a few notches with his series if fashion-focused X-Men portraits. And this new piece takes the cake, as he works up seven X-Women into a Vanity Fair-esque pin-up. – Chris A.

Here’s how Kevin describes each individual outfit:

From left to right:

Rogue.  Green high-waist pantsuit with bull shoulders, dark chocolate obi lacquer belt, hot orange gloves with powder blue stitching, rising flight gold earrings, gold-weave chest necklace plate.

Ms. Marvel.  Iridescent black/red bolt dress, Marvel star bangle, Ms. Marvel sunglasses, dark navy suede Warbird booties.
Emma Frost.  Pure white corseted leotard, lustre gun-metal stockings, baby blue darling heart belt, blonde ambition bangles, chastity pearls, blue chiffon wrap, diamond crochet necklace, diamond/crystal “fuck me” platform pumps.
Polaris.  Powder blue/green sakura blazer, candy black hot pants, coral sash obi tie, teal “suneate” platform wedges, skull enamel earrings.
Storm.  “Setting Sun” column dress with matte tight-drape top, gold dangle uncanny earrings, wire lightening crown, gold “talons and claws” ring series.
Psylocke.  Purple ballet stretch top with low cut back, butterfly puff skirt, Japanese “S” lacquer heels, “psi” wrap gold chain.
Sage.  Black single shoulder bathing suit, navy sari with gold trimmings, gold password lock belt, black choker and arm band, dark black blank screen sunglasses, computer chip tattoos.
9 comments to “P:R Approved: Kevin Wada’s X-Men Coutoure Do “Vanity Fair””
  1. I’ve enjoyed every single piece you’ve done in this couture style it reminds me of the New X-men costumes of Morrison & Quietly. Your art gives them that timeless look that could fit in any storyline from Claremont to Ellis. Please keep up the uncanny work you do.

  2. Firstly, amazing as usual…there’s just a few little things that irk me.

    Why did he include Sage, one of the crappiest characters to ever sport an X?
    Second, why isn’t Psylocke’s hair purple. Her hair has been consistently purple since her debut as a mild mannered english rose.
    Thirdly, why did he have to make Ms. Marvel looks like Lady Gaga?

    Other than these minor gripes, I humbly bow down in reverence to your brilliance.

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