P:R Redesign: Karl Heitmueller Jr. Revisits His Batman Design from Age 8!

Note: When Karl Heitmueller Jr. was eight years old he redesigned Batman for fun. And now years later as an adult, the now-artist revisits that childhood design and tries to bring it to life with his modern skills, and extending it to Robin and Catwoman. You can read the full story on his design here. It’s a fun experiment, and makes you ask yourself: what comic characters did you redesign when you were a child? – Chris A.


6 comments on “P:R Redesign: Karl Heitmueller Jr. Revisits His Batman Design from Age 8!
  1. This rules. If I dressed up for Comic-con this Batman would be my outfit. The bell bottoms are the best. Talk about striking fear into criminals…image this dude coming at you in a dark alley as you’re mugging an old lady.

    Reminds me of a DareDevil that I redesigned when I was about 10. He was in a two-tone green suit with a Wolverine style mask – his weapons included fighting sticks with little dagger blades on the tips and a futuristic handgun … complete with a sniper scope and laser pointer. It made absolutely zero sense, why would a blind guy need a scope & laser?

    The Robin and Catwoman are OK, you can tell that they were trying to capture a 70s kid’s mentality, just missed the mark though. I love the idea of revisiting our childhood designs!

  2. Wow. Until seeing this, I never realised that Robin is practically Rastafarian. Someone with actual drawing chops needs to flesh out that concept.

    As to Daredevil with a scope? Misdirection. I mean, folks don’t realise he’s blind, so he’s got to seem like he isn’t…

  3. wow, after reading the article it takes me back to my childhood, where all i was concerned about was making it look cool and getting the general idea down on paper and not worrying about things like persectives, proportions or structure . i actually got a couple of old drawings and i wish i could re-visit that mind-set. oh well, i guess i’ll have to watch my kid when he’s drawing to figure it out.

  4. That’s pretty awesome. It’s a little Owl-Man, a little Battle of the Planets, mixed in with a bit of a homeless asthetic? It’s not that crazier than Batman’s Zur En Arrh uniform.

  5. Wonder if Morrison needs anymore designs for Batman Inc. This looks right up his alley. Love the designs.

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