P:R Approved: Jamie McKelvie’s Ms. Marvel as Captain Marvel!

Note: Over the weekend at WonderCon, Marvel announced that long-time heroine Ms. Marvel was getting an upgrade to become the new Captain Marvel in an upcoming new series. P:R favorite Jamie McKelvie designed Carol Danvers’ new costume, and we’re ecstatic to highlight it here. I enjoy the more militaristic uniform Danvers is wearing now that she’s Captain, but keeping the Ms. Marvel sash really brings in some continuity to what she wore before. The pattern around the neckline reminds me vague of Greg Capullo-era Quasar, while the star emblem itself I’ll always associate with Longshot and the Australian-era X-Men. Good work, Jamie — and bold move with the hairdo! – Chris A.

Here’s what McKelvie said about the piece over at his blog:

So it was just announced at Wondercon that Kelly Sue DeConnick will be writing a new ongoing Captain Marvel (formerly Ms. Marvel) series, with Dexter Soy on interiors and Ed McGuinness on covers. I had the privilege of designing Carol’s new costume. Our idea was to give her a kind of swash-buckling costume that invoked a sense of her history as an Air Force officer. Her hair is slicked back at the sides when in costume – so her Kree-style helmet can form when she needs it.

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  1. Why do people always complain about showing skin being impractical? She’s invulnerable, like Superman, so she doesn’t need a costume for protection. It’s just for looks.

    That being said, Ms. Marvel has 2 great, iconic costumes, the black lighting bolt one, and the one Moonstone wore. Other than minor tweaks now and again, there isn’t really a need for another total redesign.

    Besides the inverted colors makes her look more like Superman, instead of Captain Marvel.

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