P:R Redesign: Andy Trabbold’s Wonder Twins!

Note: They’re arguably the most memorable twins in super-hero comics, but they’re also one of the most strange. Originally created for DC’s late-70s animated show The All-New Super Friends Hour, artist Andy Trabbold gives the twins a more serious visage.  – Chris A.

Here’s what Andy had to say about the designs:

I wanted them to feel more alien but still keep the feel of Zann and Jayna. The colors are close to their original outfits but darkened a tad. The suits are similar but not identical- after all, they’re twins, not clones. In regards to the chest symbols: I always dug the idea that Superman’s S symbol is actually the symbol for the House of El that happens to resemble a human letter. I did the same here- the twin’s chest symbols are alien markings that resemble earth language letters.

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  1. Love the design! The Wonder Twins are one of DC’s most notable brands and yet they do nothing with them. I would like to see this recolored giving them black pants with more blue on the torso and blue highlights on the hands/feet.

  2. I think the reason DC does nothing with the brand is because people can’t get the cartoon show out of their minds. A super hero who can turn into *a bucket of water* isn’t exactly high-concept.

  3. Making the Wonder Twins look cool is definitely an impressive feat! The symbols on their chests make them a bit too close to the Superman family for my liking, but cool otherwise.

    But where’s the blue space monkey?

  4. Thanks all! I hadn’t really thought of the applications of their powers- just the design. They are definitely goofy in the show but that’s the fun of this site- take something that’s kinda lame and try to find a way to make it cool. They were definitely a challenge :) As for Gleek…..hmmm…..maybe that could be the next challenge.

  5. totally perfect!!,you can recognize immediatelly the characters,the costumes and the hairs are close to the original but very modern,and finally they don’t look like anymore some vulcanian superheroes,they work perfectly, better than the the official redesign http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:WonderTwins_New.JPG
    If I have to criticize something it could be only….

    WHERE IS GLEEK??? :)

  6. I enjoy this redesign. The Wonder Twins, among other HB created characters for The Super Friends, have always fallen to the wayside due to their camp nature. I was surprised that JLU offered a nice homage to the characters in the episode “Ultimatum” (thank you for pointing that Dedpool). But, its kind of a hard sell when folks remember them turning into an eagle/bucket of water duo to stop crime. ^^; And lets not forget the last time DC tried to fit in HB characters into the comics and decided to use them as “shock tactic” cannon fodder (Wendy and Marvin, anyone?).

    Still, I’ve got to give props to Andy Trabbold for giving the twins a fresh new look that’s simple, modern and yet keeps the classic appeal. I wouldn’t mind seeing a draft on how they would interact in the DCU (notice I did NOT say DCnU since the law of that land is beat every character with the angsty club and force them to write “Fun has no place in my soul.” one thousand times with black eyeliner).

    Outstanding job, Andy. I do have one question though. Is it weird for me to see how he would work in Gleep?

    Mr. Q

  7. I’ve always loved the camp value that the twins have bought to the DC universe, so these redesigns don’t disappoint for an instant. As Itlas pointed out, these two are leaps and bounds ahead of the design curve then the official designs are.

    BJMcG: The symbols on their chests make them a bit too close to the Superman family for my liking, but cool otherwise.?

    Maybe it’s the failed writer in me, but that just brings up a bunch of story ideas. What if the Wonder Twins are honorary members of the Super-Family? Like Titano, Nightwing and Flamebird, Steel etc.

  8. Man, comparing this to the official redesign Itlas linked . . . there *is* no comparison. This wins hands-down, and then wins all over again for Jayna’s sensible footwear.

  9. Thanks so much guys! Re: the chest symbols- I placed them there because the originals had them there but yeah it does resemble Superman a tad. Oh well :) And the comment about sensible footwear made me chuckle :)

  10. love, Love, LOVE, these designs! I’m a Twins fan and they’re no different than any other superhero having to get past any campiness (eg Aquaman) to become more than what they were originally introduced.

    These designs and the fun, more powerful portrayal in JLU makes me want them back in the DCnU proper now. Perfect for the Titans.

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