P:R Redesign: Patricio Oliver’s New Mutants!

Note: Frequent P:R contest contestant Patricio Oliver makes his solo debut here today with his lively and drastic revamp of Marvel’s New Mutants. Taking a page from straight-up superheroes (with a dash of Legion of Superheroes I presume), Oliver has rethought a large part of the New Mutants family in this serious switch-up. While I can’t endorse all of the designs here, they do all possess an innate sense of fun with the challenge and I applaud that! – Chris A.

See individual shots of each character below the jump! – Chris A.

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  1. Patricio’s obsession with the New Mutants has led him to produce some really amazing art. I prefer when he does them in slightly more traditional costumes (’80s instead of ’50s in other words), but these are still plenty cool.

  2. These are a lot of fun. I don’t know how practical a poodle skirt would be, but it’s nifty. I don’t think I’d want to see a lot of these designs in a main continuity comic, but they’re cool as works of art in themselves.

    I especially like luchador Rictor.

    David G.

  3. Interesting, but not really recognizeable. I like the Little Red Riding Hood Wolfsbane, Boom-boom and Moonstar.

  4. Boom Boom wins it for me, also Majik, Wolfsbane and Luchador Rictor. Cipher is pretty cool too. Dani’s costume honors her heritage and skills effectively without over doing it. There aren’t any real duds, some just stand out way above others. Jolly good.

  5. though i’m not crazy about the design, it’s really fun that sunspot’s costume represents the Brazilian flag. i also think that rahne’s costume is so whimsically ironic in terms that the wolf is wearing red riding hood! bravo!

  6. These all look very nice. Rictor’s symbol makes me think of BP unfortunately, but perhaps that’s a dig because he’s solar-powered. :)

  7. I love these, and it was brilliant using the clues in the costume to work out who each character is. But who’s the blond girl with the white aura? My first guess was Husk, but I’m not so sure…

  8. 1) Wolfsbane as Riding Hood is totally inspired!
    2) Love Rictor’s wrestling mask.
    3) Cannonball in “classic” superhero getup is amazing.

  9. Wow guys thanks so much! I love all your comments! I do love the new mutants so much and I like the idea of them as a more vintage 50s60s legion of superheroes style team with lots of references on their cultures and origins (and cliches)
    Skids its a characters that doesn’t have much personality on the books. it was hard to make her more distinctive. Sam its just a super heroes the way he is always trying so hard to be!
    Rictor was just so fun to do! I might try Shatter Star and him together next ahahah.
    I gave Cypher a more James Bond secret agent mistery man look due to his powers.
    thanks again!

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