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  1. I hate coming in with negativity, but I’m not seeing any of the “tweaks” at all. This is just anime fan art of the Captain Marvel family – “Shazanime.” Totally underwhelmed to find it here.

  2. I’m not seeing the “anime” there. I looks more like kid friendly comics from when I was a kid, or closer to Archie comics. I don’t see anything new. Mind you, I like CM’s look and don’t see how a redesign can do anything more than hurt it. It’s simple, looks like materials that exist and instantly calls to mind Captain Marvel. He doesn’t need a redesign, outside of maybe losing his deputies or changing how THEIR powers work.

  3. A very nice picture to be sure but I must echo that its not a redesign, not even in the slightest.

    But still it is well done as I said before, tho I do wonder who the creepy guy in green is supposed to be?

  4. Agree with the above comments. I don’t see any changes (except changing all of their eyes to blue, which isn’t an improvement), and the drawing doesn’t do much for me.

  5. Hi everybody!
    About the “design”, what can I say?
    The first thing is that I did this picture for an exposition in my city about superheroes. The idea was to show our take on classic european and american comic characters. I choose the original marvel family (and I said original because its exclusively based on their Fawcett comics appearances).
    Now on the tweaks. There are two main characters “redesigned” while the other are more or less my take on the classic character. This two redesigned characters are: Billy Batson and the minion of Wizard Shazam (the creepy guy in green). For Billy, the thing was to make it more modern but been faithfull to the source material, same colors but slightly different clothes and the little thunder which is also a letter “y” to play with the tittle “Young BillY”. And then a new hairstyle. For the creepy guy in green, maybe you remember the DC version in which this character is Billy’s father but in the original issues, this guy is kind of ghostly and I want to recover this feeling.
    The rest of the characters are more or less the same with very small tweaks, more to adapt them to my style than to really redesign then: hairstyles, for example. Or making all of them more kid friendly than we’re used to see them.

    Anyway, if you don’t like this take on Captain Marvel you can see another one I did here:
    This is a completely redesign based on a simple premise: what if the gods that give Billy his powers were from the fourth world?

    PS: The blue eyes are done this colors because in the original comics you cannot certain see the eyes color and I like them blues :P

  6. Well, not anime in the cleaner, more modern sense, but I could totally see these guys showing up in a Voltron cartoon from the 80s.

  7. There’s no redesign here, i sent some JLA redesigns and never showed here and now i found this, i dont understand nothing about this website :(

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