P:R Approved: Cliff Chiang’s War-like Wonder Woman, With Comments From Chiang!

Note: In the onslaught of new titles with DC’s New 52, Cliff Chiang and Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman has been a standout from the beginning. And we were surprised (with glee!) to see in the previews for Wonder Woman #8 that Diana was dressing for war. Dean digs the nods to Wonder Woman’s original costume, and I can’t stop marveling at that arm armor. Look below the art to see Chiang’s exclusive comments to P:R, and then see the costume in action tomorrow when the book goes on sale! – Chris A.

When asked by P:R, Chiang had alot to say about the design:

The armor in issue 8 was my initial design concept when Brian and I decided to work on the book. At the time, we were unaware of a line-wide relaunch, so for us it was going to be a very clear signal to the readers of where we were taking the character. We knew we were going to push the warrior angle, and I wanted the armor to recall the classic Wonder Woman colors and design ideas. Her hair is tied up with gold rope, like her lasso. The WW symbol is still an eagle, but the wings point upward, and feels more like a crest than a logo. While I’ve had a lot of fun drawing Jim Lee’s costume for Wonder Woman, Brian and I both liked this design and hoped to use it somewhere, and this little trip to hell was the perfect opportunity.

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  1. For some reason, it’s the shin guards and sandals that really communicate “warrior” to me more than the more ornamental elements. It’s a small detail that really gives the whole look a foothold (no pun) in reality.

  2. finally a WonderWoman who looks like an ancient greek warrior,even if the the armor on just an arm is more roman,for gladiators,than greek,I really like her hairstyle

  3. I agree expect for the blue skirt sections. I understand that red, gold and blue have been Diana’s staple colours since forever, but in this style of costume it just doesn’t look right to me.

  4. From the belt to the shin guards is weak to me. I feel like she needs some kind of thigh armor, even if it’s nothing more than the chain mail we see around her waist. The chain mail is inspired and I want to see more of it in that outfit

    Also, I feel like writer keep bringing the Amazons back to ancient gear and not really letting them progress aesthetically. They had the purple ray at one point. The idea that they would shun advances in combat seem… contrived

  5. This is a good example of how artistic direction is totally non-existent in today’s comic books. The line has no identity. Like it or not, Lee reset the character’s look and Chiang redesigns it back to what he prefers, the old one (or maybe even worse, he was just too lazy to even change it to make it fit within the new line). That his latest armor is nice makes no difference, it muddles the new line (as if it wasn’t enough already).

    As much as I find Lee’s design sense to be lacking (the man lives in the 90s and we should forget about that decade entirely), he should’ve put his foot down and have asked Chiang alter his initial design. It wouldn’t have been that difficult either, just a few tweaks here and there.

  6. I love the hair, and the wide belt, but don’t care for the leather pleats descending from it. They seem too ornamental and not very practical. Overall, though, I’d give this look 8/10.

  7. Nice! But what’s better? In the next panel or so Hepheastus takes Eros’ guns and gives them to Diana to use.!!!! I’m loving the fully integrated mythology. This will be one of the New 52 trades I get.

  8. Why is it that the only people who don’t want to go the Greco-Roman warrior route are the people who design the “official” costumes? This isn’t my favorite redesign on that theme, but it is head and shoulders (and most of a torso) above both the old costume and the New 52 design.

  9. Now that is the look they should have went with instead of what amounts to a color change in the suit.

  10. Finally, the type of Wonder Woman redesign I was hoping for when they announced the reboot! Strong, beautiful- that’s the Diana I love. And they found a way to balance the silver and gold- which most redesigns don’t.

  11. The armour is pretty good, but the hair being up is what really makes this rad for me. Why wouldn’t Wonder Woman always have her hair up?

  12. not only is this a great version of the costume that should just be worn as her standard, I also think this is pretty close to what I’d like to see for a film adaptation costume.

  13. That isn’t to say I don’t like it, of course. I’d be interested to see if there’s another eagle crest on the shield or a short history of Themyscara engraved all around the rim :)

  14. This is exactly the direction I’ve been saying they will need to go if they ever make a new Wonder Woman TV show or movie. I love it.

  15. Am I the only one who doesn’t really love this outfit? I mean, it has good ideas, but there’s so much bulk and warrior, that they’ve lost Diana’s message of approachability and love

  16. Am I the only one who doesn’t really love this outfit? I mean, it has good ideas, but there’s so much bulk and warrior, that they’ve lost Diana’s message of approachability and love. Lately, I’ve started to appreciate the tights a little more, though I think we can all agree that they need revision. This Diana is angry and, while protected, unapproachable

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  19. I love this so much, I loved this issue, and I’ve loved the covers as of late, especially for issues 7 & 8. This is something that, honestly, I want to see more of, that way people don’t get all bent out of shape every time Diana switches things up a little – I want her to have different outfits. Often! I mean, immortal demigoddess or not, variety is the spice of life and I feel that, while it wouldn’t be a concern of hers over “hmm, what should I wear today?”, WW could definitely have a number of different looks that would work regally and awesomely for different situations. Sure, there is the standard, and that more than likely will remain the constant (because marketing), but as a reader of the series and a longtime fan, those are simply my thoughts.

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