P:R Approved: Sean “Cheeks” Galloway’s DC Heroes & Villains!

Note: Although super-heroes first home will always be comics, they’ve set up quite a place for themselves in animation. Artist Sean “Cheeks” Galloway did some animated-inspired takes on some of DC’s Finest awhile back that are chock-full of fun. Instead of throwing out the good with the bad, Galloway as refined the elements of their costumes into  more iconic and stunning renditions. I especially love the cuts of Batman and Superman’s capes. – Chris A.


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  1. I wish we could get another Cheek inspired animated show. His work SCREAMS to be animated.

  2. Only Nightwing appears to be a redesign (which works pretty well), maybe Mr. Freeze too. The others seem just to be a simplification of what is already there. This Batman could actually lose his bay symbol because it’s all but meaningless being so distorted and half hidden. That might make for an interesting change, having Batman without it and his cowl/silhouette be his identifier I mean.

    I like the the art style and muted colors … the tone and mood here reminds me of the style used in that 70’s Lord of the Rings animated movie.

  3. There’s really nothing new here, just the old fashioned suits in a style suited to animation. That said, I do like this style. I especially love how the Superman is more “aww shucks” than “this looks like a job for Superman”. In fact, I feel like all the personalities were captured very well here

  4. Cheeks’ stuff is always awesome. I’d love to see him do a DC animated show or film! HEar that DC?! His work on Spectacular was great so i can only imagine what he’d do for say…Blue Beetle!!!

  5. Loving the color palette more than anything. Nice style, but I always believe however clandestine he’s trying to be, Batman’s chest emblem should be on full view.


    Ahh, Sean Cheeks is one of my idols, he inspires me to do better all the time. I dream of the day he gets another shot at the small screen!! His work needs to spoon-fed to the world!!

  7. Simplification can be considered a redesign but if the changes are so slight that they need to be pointed out I’d call that stylized. Making Spider-mans eyes bigger (or smaller) isn’t a redesign. Giving WonderWoman one less or more stars on her trunks isn’t a redesign. If the Hulk having blue torn pants instead of purple does not make him redesigned. Just my opinion.

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