P:R Approved: Kris Anka’s Captain America Animated Series!

Note: Kris Anka dreams up a Captain America animated series. ‘Nuff said. – Chris A.

Here’s what Kris Anka had to say about his designs:

So the basic premise I had when I approached this, was an attempt to create a “Bruce Timm” like show for the Marvel Franchise; and the Captain America/S.H.I.E.L.D. side of Marvel has always been the most appealing to me so it was an obvious place for me to start.

I didn’t want to make this just another superhero project, so I intended to make it in the 50s/60s Steranko S.H.I.E.L.D. super spy vibe. I wasn’t able to get anything finished for this, but i wanted Steve to be a sort of James Bond. Often going to high end parties for supervillians dressed in a tux, having a lot of gadgets, flying cars, the whole deal. Sadly, I never got around to making any of this happen. Maybe one day.
My approach towards Cap was to combine the classic costume with elements from the film costume. I feel the chainmail look doesn’t translate well into the simplicity required for animation. It either comes off empty, or cluttered. There are a lot of parts I love about the film costumes. One thing I had to keep were the wings on the cowl. Besides being an incredibly iconic element to his look, but it helps make his silhouette unique and definitive.
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  1. Wonderful stuff – clean without being plain, plenty of strong lines for movement. I also really like the more stylized approach to the different silhouettes, which is something that I think can be onr eal benefit in animation, along with the strong, distinctive colours.

    I’d watch it.

  2. That’s likely the most badass thing I’ll see this week. The only change I’d make, would be to make the white stripe on his collar, 2 stripes, like a captain’s rank insignia.

    …And I just realized he did the supporting cast!

  3. AWESOME! Love the design, and the art style. Cap really fits for this classic yet modern look. Loving the supporting cast, but no Falcon? And I’m with Jeremy the double stripe would rock!

  4. Kris Anka’s skill blows my mind, so of course I expected brilliance, and his Cap (and the whole supporting cast) doesn’t disappoint. But check out that Batroc … he’s a total badass. Batroc. I *want* this cartoon!

  5. Bucky has a very “young Mr. Incredible” look to him. I really like the streamlined look on the Winter Solider. I think it looks much better cleaned up like this than it does with all the excess pouches and straps everywhere.

  6. I saw this on Kris’s blog earlier. There’s really nothing I can say about these pics other than they’re really great designs that capture the essence of these characters. Cap as a Super Spy might be cool, or it might be gimmicky and combining film and comic designs into one cohesive look is really cool. I just wish I knew how that chest-plate worked a little more

  7. only bit i don’t like is the white stripe at the shoulders, otherwise absolutely perfect. would watch the **** out of this show

  8. Love the look of this! The only change that I would personally make would be to remove the white from around his collar, it looks out of place to me. Also not sure I like the X mark on the back side of his shield. Other than that, it is all awesome!

  9. This is FANTASTIC. Love ALL of it.

    That bit of gushery said, I think my favorite design is Sharon Carter’s. It’s by far the most original design and I think it just looks clean and manages to capture that super-spy element you’re looking for.

    Setting comic book continuity aside for a minute, I’d rather see The Black Panther than the Falcon, personally. I think he fits the “spy” angel better.

    But man, for a Captain America fan, like me, this is HEAVEN.

  10. Every single character is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Highlights for me are Bucky/Winter Soldier, Red Skull, Zemo and Von Strucker. BRILLIANT!

  11. I get that this is a period piece, but Cap’s uniform there could totally work in the modern day. I actually like it better than what he’s got now. I like the way the ab stripes have the black border and they aren’t as large in the back. Very nice.

  12. It makes me super sad that this isn’t real. There are animated series with far worse designs on air right now. It’s just not right. Someone needs to pick up Kris as a lead designer in an animation production just like Mike Mignola did with Sean Galloway for the Hellboy cartoons.

  13. I Love it. I seldom watch animated shows anymore, unless it’s with the Grandkids (thank goodness they all love superheroes, especially my 3 year old granddaughter), but I would make time to watch one that looked like this. Well done!!!

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  15. I am not normally a Captain America fan (though the film version has grown on me).

    That said, this series would be AWESOME. I think one of the greatest things you’ve done here is that you managed to make the little wings on Cap’s mask present but not actually stupid-looking (which I used to think they were). This really does remind me of super-spy films, and it would be an excellent animated show.

  16. Great stuff! Reminds me of the Incredibles – fun, modern, and dynamic lines, and also very classic and stylish looking.

  17. Holy crap, this would be amazing. I love it. I wish this was an animated series that I was watching right now.

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