P:R Redesign: Mista-M’s Red Robin!

Note: The talented Mista-M returns to P:R today with a classic interpretation of Tim Drake as Red Robin. Taking bits and pieces from various renditions of Tim Drake and Red Robin over the years, he’s pulled it together with a few new ideas thrown into the mix. I really like the extra large eye-mask over the domino mask he’s wearing in today’s DCU. – Chris A.

Here’s what Mista-M said about the design:

Tim Drake seems to be the guy that wanted to be Robin forever, so rather than discard his Boy Wonder image like Grayson I think he would embrace it.  I wanted this to look like the Boy Wonder and Red Robin at the same time so I took elements from all Tim’s costumes. Discarded the Red Robin cowl but used the design for the mask to differentiate him from Robin (Damian) and Nightwing.  Kept the Red Robin tunic but added the clasps and pouches on the shoulders as a Robin throwback. I also feel that it gives off a sense of leadership. I love the Young Justice pants, I know it’s a different character but I felt it was a nice visual element and in this case served as a nod to the original Red Robin tunic while being modern.  I like the idea of him being able to glide but I couldn’t bring myself to give him wings, so instead the cape is made of memory cloth.

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  1. Something about the mask reminds me of Kato from The Green Hornet. But I think it was the absolute right decision to ditch the cowl from the Red Robin costume.

    I always thought the cowl looked way too restrictive for a character that is as loose and improvisational athletically as Tim is.

    The hair makes Tim look youthful. The cowl subconsciously made me think he was bald.

  2. I don’t know what it is about that tunic and cape, but I don’t like it. The rest of the outfit is fine, but that collar, with the tunic sticking out under the belt makes me angry. It’s not even a reasonable amount of dislike. Long sleeves with pouches and the flaps on the sides with that collar for the cape, none of it works for me. The gauntlets look great, the boots look great, that belt looks great, the mask looks great but his entire upper torso is just bad to me. I’m normally so positive over Mista’s work, and I’m sorry to be so negative here.

  3. I like this, can’t find much to nit-pick. The mask works really well in giving him a Batman-ish look without making him look bald like a skin cap would. Boots are nice and functional looking too.

    Maybe the RR insignia could be tweaked, it kind of looks like a mushroom cloud … or just change his name to Radioactive Robin.

    I’d be interested in seeing an all (or mostly) red version of this, sort of like a Daredevil look. Idea-guy strikes again!

    Good work here.

  4. I’m a huge Tim Drake fan and I think this costume is just about perfect. I love red accents on the boots and gloves and the RR symbol (with the first R reversed) on the belt buckle. The only thing I would change is extend the cape down a little bit so that Red Robin pulls in aspects of Batman as well as his own identity of Red Robin.

    But seriously, I love this.

  5. I like the costume, as it is an evolution of his Robin look, but, ¿how do this mask work? Apart from that, the only thing here that says RED Robin is the color of the costume, but it is more like his second Robin one.

  6. I totally love it,its cool and realistic too,lines are perfect and colors match together very well,I really like that there is no yellow in the costume,as if leaving yellow apart would represent Tim’s abandonment of teen-age to enter into adulthood.

  7. Clean, understated. Missing something on the chest though. Also, perhaps yellow in the tunic piping instead. The yellow is used once and it sort of lapses. Maybe the standard yellow on the inside of the cape.

  8. I really like the colours, especially the red piping on the gloves and boots. However, although this is clearly Tim/Robin, I still feel a symbol on the chest rather than those black straps would have looked better. I agree, the mask is way better than the cowl. Overall a really nice pic :)

  9. As much as I miss the yellow, grey is an understated choice for the cape lining. Really nice. Also: I will forever understand the value of sleeve pockets having worn kitchen whites. Makes me wonder why every jacket doesn’t come with one standard. Great detail.

  10. It’s weird knowing you’re in the absolute minority as far as hating a design. I can agree on kitchen whites and sleeve pockets, but pouches just seem weird still. I can kinda agree with the folks who think the chest straps might go a long way to helping this design

  11. I like this costume, although i must say i think it would be nice if he had tackled the wing design problem. The staff is nicely designed you can see how it can collapse in a realistic fashion. If the wings were tackled as such ,the solution would bring us something unique in look, form follows function after all.

  12. Chirs: you can’t see the similarities? I didn’t mean to suggest it was a direct rip off, but you have to admit they share many of the same features

  13. Jay: Similar in color and the fact they have a mask and a cape, but thoroughly different otherwise. Your comments on Facebook & here suggest they’re near identical and you get them confused easlier, which I think is a big exaggeration and belittles the work Mista-M did. We encourage constructive criticism here, but using the work to make a joke at the expense of the artist is kind of low, don’t you think?

  14. Chris: Sorry to offend, and I certainly wasn’t trying belittle Mista-Ms work. I’ve deleted my FB comments and feel free to do the same here.

  15. I really like this. I do wish the cape was longer though. I think I actually miss the chest straps, too, even though I didn’t LOVE them before. I almost feel like having this in a kind of double breasted style similar to Captain Marvel might work too, but then it’d complicate the tunic style tales under the belt that I love and that’s pretty set with the character’s image. I almost kinda sorta miss the cowl just because it made him look older/more mature, but I like this also.

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