P:R Redesign: Denis Medri’s 50s Nightwing & Robin!

Note: After his rendition of Batman in 1950s greaser garb became one of P:R most popular posts in April, artist Denis Medri is back to rub it in with his take on two other vigilantes in the hard-knock streets of Gotham: Nightwing and Robin. These alt-reality takes on the characters really exude alot of imagination and possible storyline ideas. If you like what you’re seeing, root Denis on here in the comments for him to do more! – Chris A.

18 comments to “P:R Redesign: Denis Medri’s 50s Nightwing & Robin!”
  1. Outside of their grotesque noses, I really like the designs and drawings. I would love to see a one-off story featuring these versions of the characters.

    Is there a sidecar for Robin, or is his moped forthcoming?

  2. I would read every single issue of this Nightwing. He looks fantastic and his bike is even better! I like the whole idea of the Batman family as vigilante mechanics. Bring in the whole SWAT Cats element.

  3. I love this style! Robin does look a bit too much like Buddy/Incrediboy from The Incredibles for me. The double lead pipe wielding Night Wing is great!!!

  4. There is next to nothing to critique about these. They’re just great. They’re evocative, simple, believable and fun. The only (and I mean only) change I’d make to this would be to have Robin in a much more cheerful pose.

  5. No matter if it’s Bats with a hot-rod or Nightwing on a Bike, if it’s the 20th century, fingerless gloves for Super detectives doesn’t work…

    The designs are otherwise great.

  6. Robin should totally be the over-eager runt of the group. The little barking chihuahua in the corner egging on Dick and Bruce.

    “Get ’em, boss! Show ’em what for!”

  7. Yes! Please do Catwoman and Batgirl! Maybe Harley and Ivy too? I love these, but Batman is still the best. I have a wee crush on greaser Bats – he’s a looker.

  8. I don’t understand this design as well of the previous one for Batman


    Batman and Robin existed already in the 50’s and they had superhero costumes,I don’t understand this trend to mix costumes and everyday clothes of a certain age to demostrate they were living in that age.In every age superheros have ever dressed with clothes different by normal one,see Zorro for example.You can say pulp heroes like The Shadow and Doc Savage dressed in normal clothes but I think they’re the exception,not the norm.

    But…but….I have to say I really like this design if I imagine this characters settled in an elseworld where Bruce Wayne is not a millionaire but a simple mechanic like the Fonz and the characters are reduced from the rank of superheroes and superdetectives to simple vigilantes like real-life-superheroes.

  9. This just makes me want to see H-D put out a Nightwing-Edition V-Rod. Also, as for Outsiders references, since so many people are hoping to see some villains in this style, I could stand to see a Soc/Greaser Two-Face. Varsity jacket on one side, scuffed-up leather on the other?

  10. The only thing I’d add is that Robin’s shirt should be a cut off Baseball uniform… all that changes is the collar a little and a putting buttons down the front. That’s just my 2 cents!

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