Fan-Art Friday: Jamie McKelvie’s Captain Marvel!

Note: There’s been a lot of buzz surrounding the reinvention of Ms. Marvel as Captain Marvel, and Jamie McKelvie’s redesign has been at the center of that. Last month we put out an open call for artists to draw their own renditions of Mckelvie’s design, and we’re proud to host them here today. Let us know which ones are your favorites! – Chris A.

Sebastian von Buchwald

Daniel Flores

Yifan Jiang

Yu Lyn Chen

William Milliken

Tarun Padmakumar

Susan Harlow

Shawn McGuan

Ramon Villalobos

Nathan Stockman

Michelle Sciuto

Lee Gaston

Kris Anka

Josh Siegel

John J. Freeze

Jarrod Prince

George Kambadais

Erik Allan Johnson

Elizabeth Beals

Edgar Binuya

Diego Gomez

Dave Stokes

Conley Smith

Chris Graves

Brian Post

Andre Cui

Allen Holt

Adam Goudelock

Shaun Riaz

D.C. Stuelpner

Emily Englehardt

Eric Ways

Hanie  Mohd

Jamie Rimmer

Manuel Aguilera

Nate Getz


38 comments to “Fan-Art Friday: Jamie McKelvie’s Captain Marvel!”
  1. Sebastian Von Bunchwald FTW!
    i really love how he has represented strong but still feminine Captain Marvel in this manly suit.

    Shawn McGuan
    His stile is awesome,I really hope to see him on Marvel comics one of this days.

    Jarrod Prince
    I like his draw because represent exactly what is the new costume of Captain Marvel:
    nothing more nothing less than a military uniform for the new Marvel Comics army heroine,I wonder if in the first cover of her comic book she’ll punch the leader of a foreign country….

  2. Love them ALL. Can’t believe all the different approaches to the slightly iffy hairstyle – many actually makes me look forward to seeing it in the books!

    Jarrod Prince’s stands out the most I think though. For drawing style and adding the military braid off one shoulder. (what an excellent idea!)

  3. Thanks for putting my little water color up with all these cool pieces.

    My stand out favorites are: Michelle Sciuto, Hanie Mohd, and Conley Smith!
    Those three blew me away. Their expressions were great and they all felt very alive and bouncy!

    More Fan Art Fridays Please!



  4. Fan art of Carol’s new uniform has done more to help me like it than official images. That said, I really miss the lightning bolt. I wish they’d have used it instead of the starburst because it’s more recognizable as HER symbol.

    I’m a little unsure of the decision to call her Captain Marvel. On one hand, I can see it as a way to show that her status has been elevated, which I definitely support. On the other hand, she’s really come into her own as Ms. Marvel. And let’s face it, Captain Marvel has been dead for a long time now. I think most readers (especially new ones) aren’t even aware of the fact that she started life as a female version of a male character. As it stands now, her Ms. Marvel look does nothing to even remotely suggest that.

    They’re going to have a tough time getting fans to call her Captain instead of Miss. It was the same way with Bucky. I loved Bucky as Captain America, but he was always referred to by fans as Bucky, not Captain America, despite the fact that everyone felt he deserved the role and did well in it.

  5. I love Kris Anka’s the most. For some reason it just hits my Marvelman nostalgia juuuust right and it makes all that negative space between her chest logo and the boots less of a liability

  6. Man, that is a terrible costume. Shaun McGuan and Kris Anka’s renditions look good though.

  7. They’re all lovely, but oh my god, the Kris Anka piece brings all sort of good feels to my being XD The pose and angle is superb and elegant – it showed her strength and femininity to great effect!

  8. Impressive work all round, and I’m very pleased to have a drawing up there. It’s so interesting to see how everybody has approached it.

    As to favourites, I really feel I should namecheck everybody, but to force myself to be brave/cruel and pick just a couple of drawings; I’d say Kris Anka’s, only one to draw her back. It’s got a beautiful light, and he makes flying look like the magical fun it would be, not using it to get somewhere quicker to punch somebody’s lights out.

    I also really liked George Kambadais, with Capt. Marvel taking a lift on the wing of a warplane (so much better behaved than Capt. Amercia) a top notch piece of work.

  9. A lot of great work here as always.
    It’s an honor to finally have one of my pieces featured among such esteemed company.
    I thank you kindly for the opportunity.

  10. Wow, I’m flattered you guys put me on the front page.

    There’s some awesome stuff here but, as usual, the talented Mr. Anka gets my vote for his lovely rendition of Ms. Danvers.

    More FAF!

  11. It’s funny how even in these pictures by different artists, the ones that work best are the ones that do away with/alter that terrible ‘do they gave her.

    I am also not feeling the sash anymore. Originally I loved it as an element brought over from her previous look but alas it just looks out of place on this new outfit. It’s relaxed look is counter to the rather rigid lines of the rest of the suit and works against them not with them IMHO.

  12. I vote, in order of preference:

    1. Shawn McGuan
    2. Andre Cui
    3. Ramon Villalobos
    4. Conley Smith
    5. Hanie Mohd

  13. Man, Marvel needs to just lose the mask on this costume clearly no one even really thinks of it as part of the costume.

  14. Very cool to be a part of this along side so many great artists. And I wanted to say “Thanks for the kind words” to the commenters here. I’m with Sebastian – more FAF!

  15. Von Buchwald, Chen and McGuan are my faves! They capture her feminity and yet her strength perfectly, and did a good job with the hair (which I think alot of artists are confused about. It’s not short, though she coudl rock the cropped do) and their art all remind me of established comic artists. McGuan looks like Adam Hughes and Chen looks like Tery Dodson. The Villalobos pic looks like quitely if he could do feminine women! Good stuff all around!

  16. Hanie Mohd’s and Kris Anka’s really do it for me.
    Hanie’s has that cutesy charm that’s totally irresistible no matter what your taste.
    And Kris Anka chose the most… appealing pose to my eyes.

    Also, Shaun Riaz’s really stands out with the detail and how slick it is – why have I never heard of this guy before? It looks really pro like you’d see in concept art books.

    Looking forward to the next Fan Art Friday!

  17. My Top 5:

    1. Hanie Mohd – Betty and Veronica level sexiness!
    2. Shaun Riaz – detailed, realistic, yet dreamy – I want more :)
    3. Conley Smith – would fit in with Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier designs flawlessly.
    4. Kris Anka – reminds me of Steve Rude. Never a bad thing.
    5. Michelle Sciuto – like a Bruce Timm Powergirl!

    Bring on the next Fan Art Friday please :)

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  20. Wow!!! Shaun Riaz! I love the way you make her look like she’s so powerful (composition), so real (shading), and that there is a lot of emotion behind those beautiful eyes! Great job! I look forward to seeing so much more!

  21. Y’know, Yu Lyn Chen and Susan Harlow both go a long way to try and fill in that SOMETHING that the oufit is missing. Chen tried bringing back the thigh high boots so there’s less negative space to negotiate and Harlow brings in the mask, which makes her kinda Spider-Man-ish. If we saw a drawing with BOTH those things, that migth be a pretty cool design

  22. Kris Anka’s has the best angle hands down, and I love the style.
    Never seen Shaun Riaz’s work on here before, but I think we need to see a lot more – Chloe said it best as to why – who’s with me?

  23. I’ll be honest, I love this new outfit. I always wondered why a soldier would be wearing such a skimpy design, and this new outfit just FEELS more iconic.

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