P:R Redesign: Marlène Blanchette’s Captain Marvel!

Note: Hot on the heels of last week’s Fan-Art Friday: Jamie McKelvie’s Captain Marvel, artist Marlène Blanchette ups the ante by introducing her own redesign of the former Ms. Marvel for fans to judge. This is all kinds of amazing here, and is an interesting counterpoint to what McKelvie did for Marvel. – Chris A.

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  1. Attractive design, but impossible to redraw regularly. A standard Captain Marvel starburst would have worked best, imo.

  2. I think with Spiderman Marvel has proved that no amount of tiny lines will stop a great design from being published. I have a hard time seeing this redesign as being super hero enough, at least for the 616 universe.

  3. sorry to say I totally don’t like,the costume don’t respect the character for nothing,I know it’s Captain Marvel only because the title,wthout it i would never recognize her,even the face don’t match the character.
    The costume looks like a buch of clothes mixed together,a motorcycle racing jacket,casual trousers with side pockets and oldfashioned overshoes,looks like she made her costume going shopping at stalls.
    The symbol is a mess and noone can recognize Capt Marvel’s star in it.
    To me looks like more a female and white version of Static Shock.
    My 2c

  4. Great design and illustration. The pants and scarf would make a perfect addition to the design Marvel went with.

  5. My only gripe is that the star is a bit busy, other than that I really like the look of it and that it pays a bit of homage to Carol’s Air Force background.

  6. I really like the miltary trousers and parts of the jacket. But lose a few gold lines to sharpen it up – not a fan of the star pattern shoulders and back. Simplified I think this could be a great look for Capt Marvel.

  7. I love the explorer type uniforms. Tom Strong is the example I want Superman to follow (how we switched from pulp heroes and science heroes to crime fighting circus performers baffles me even if I do love those suits sometimes). This outfit has so much character inherent and it’s more of an adventurer’s look. The jacket might be a bit TOO busy though in the back and it hurts the starburst look. It takes away from an amazing shot of her in the jacket with her scarf flapping. She looks like a Kamen Rider and that’s keen.

    Listen to Allen Moore, return the pulp heroes and other genres!

    Ugh, I agreed with Allen Moore, I feel so dirty

  8. Oh! And switch those from finger gloves to regular gloves. Maybe leave two gloves fingers untipped so she can examine and touch things

  9. Looks good, but I agree that those tribal looking lines would be difficult to draw the same way every time…

  10. While this is an improvement over the Marvel design, this doesn’t look modern to me. The front of the jacket is good, but the rest of the outfit looks like she’s ready to go on an adventure with Tintin.

  11. I like this design so much better than the official redesign. Marvel’s artists seem to be confusing practical with boring. This one reminds me of the Rocketeer, actually.

  12. I like this, it makes her look more like a normal person, not like a super-model that has super powers. Also, and I like this, I think she looks like Ellen DeGeneres.

  13. I don’t like this design, but I don’t dislike it either. Looking past the bright colors, it doesn’t feel very much like a superhero costume, and is more akin to an outfit you would find on a character in a manga or something. I think maybe there is a little too much military influence going on. The artwork is good.

  14. Anthony: While this is an improvement over the Marvel design, this doesn’t look modern to me. The front of the jacket is good, but the rest of the outfit looks like she’s ready to go on an adventure with Tintin.

    That’s bad?

  15. I like the Military fatigue look to it, and I could see her rocking this look with some goggles, but it feels too much like a female Cannonball to me.

  16. I absolutely love this.

    I agree with some that the back of the jacket may be a bit too busy, but oh my gosh, that’s a very small logical thought compared to a whole boatload of emotional wow.

    I love the shoulder stars, I think the half red forums cuffs (don’t know what else to call them) are killer.

    The only thing I’m not entirely sure about is (ignoring logical thought about back of jacket — because emotionally it strikes a positive cord)…am I mistaken or are those stirrup boot tops? It looks like the red extends to the bottom of the footwear, leaving the heel black…I’m sort of confused by it, not sure what’s going on. And the fact that I’m confused pulls me out of my “best design I’ve seen on P:R ever” feeling.

    Anyway, good job ;-)

  17. The boots are covered by spats. Which I am 100% in favor of, because I love spats.

    The overall design seems to borrow from all the things I love: ’20s and ’30s explorer outfits, military-style jackets with crazy levels of decoration, and of course the scarf. So, naturally, I’m a fan.

  18. This looks like no other version of Captain Marvel I’ve seen. So naturally, I’m a huge fan of this outfit. It’s several parts action-hero, one part explorer, and all kinds of cool. Frankly it LOOKS like she’s an ex-military turned superhero (as opposed to the generic tights that all superheroes seem able to find). The outfit is practical and cool, two things I like seeing in superheroes. I especially love the lightning design on the jacket as well as the scarf (reminiscent of her old sash, but slightly cooler).

  19. This is fantastic. Really, this is the kind of re-imagining I come to P:R for.
    It’s very solid and original despite being from a character that is so strongly deisgned to begin with. I, for one, recognized the character immediately, and this is both inspiring and enraging to me.

    thank you so much for posting this.


  20. I love this. I kind of hate the new Captain Marvel design (I know I’m in the minority). If this were a little more streamlined and simplified, with more superhero flair and less of a mixed clothing feeling, I’d love to see this as the actual costume. I do miss some of the flare, like the gold buttons.

  21. … oh, now I know where those hits on my blog came from. o__O

    Thank you everybody for the kind, constructive comments. I know that I will rework this design as part of a serie and I will need to streamline it (especially that back shot which I will rework on it’s own), and the comments are something I will keep in my head for the next ones.

    (I am of the european comics school of thinking and loathe the spandex-fest-vaccum-bodysuits that are American superheroes, although I am not against dramatic clothing, or sexy attire. I would love to draw a Tintin crossover, though!)

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