P:R Redesign: Mista-M’s Nightwing!

Note: Carrying on with his winning streak, Mista-M returns to P:R with a back-to-basics approach to DC’s Nightwing. I still hold Brian Stelfreeze’s design as my favorite for Dick, but Mista-M manages to take that 1995-era design and make it more functional and practical. – Chris A.

Here’s what Mista-M said about his design choices:

I don’t know why they went with red for the new costume, but I had to take it back to blue (my favorite colour). I made his mask blue so that it doesn’t get lost in the black of his hair. I was going to pop his collar but it looked stupid so I went with a more formal look.  Since Nightwing is an acrobat and all that I figured he’d be doing a lot of rolling and tumbling, with that in mind I wanted his suit to be more protective than spandex. Hence the angular shoulders which have slight padding. This suit is a one piece so the belt is simply for gadgets and weaponry- the little loops obviously hold his sticks. The blue soles on the shoes were just a bit of flamboyance.

13 comments on “P:R Redesign: Mista-M’s Nightwing!
  1. Its a fine look. Nothing major really changed, and that’s nice. Taking him back to the blue is a nice touch and changing the mask color is neat. Other than that… nothing really new.

  2. Nice. I like, maybe prefer the blue, but I thought the reason DC went to red for the post Flashpoint Nightwing was to provide more of a link to his Robin duds.

  3. I really like this. I like the jacket look even though it’s a one piece, and the all blue sleeves really make the suit stand out. Definitely like this look.

  4. “I don’t know why they went with red for the new costume” – it didn’t click for me until I saw Kris Anka’s Robin Beyond sketch, but I’m guessing it’s a Robin reference. Tough call – I like the idea of making that link, but Nightwing’s been around long enough that it’s hard to disassociate him with blue.

  5. Only thing I’d say is it looks like he’s wearing blue sweatbands around his wrist…I’d pull out that line between wrist and elbow and just make it a real sleeve. Or you could give it black bands…maybe. Just that blue on same blue feel just seems odd to me.

    Otherwise it’s a nice clean look, nothing wrong with it, but it doesn’t really feel like a redesign so much as a slight tinkering of a classic look.

  6. The costume looks surely practical but I don’t like the shoulders,the author says he putted paddle inside but to me thay looks like the shoulder pad of an old fashioned business suit.
    Is it me or the lower part reminds a bit Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid?

  7. Edwin: Liefeldian pouches?


    I also agree with a previous comment that points out that this isn’t really a re-design so much as it’s changing a spandex top for a jacket.

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