17 comments to “P:R Redesign: Michael Magtanong’s Wonder Girl!”
  1. It’s not bad, by any stretch of the imagination, but I can’t see Cassie wearing it twenty years down the line.

  2. EVerything works, except the hair. I just don’t see that working. But the costume I like, it has greek elements like the toga, but it’s still modern.

  3. It’s a solid design. Personally, I could see Cassie wearing it for a while – but probably not for the next decade. Kind of like Tim’s Unternet outfit – limited time only.

  4. I think it’s a really excellent design. It just takes Cassie’s typical pre-nu52 look and gives it a slight update to the 21st century and throws in a little classic Greek flare with the drapey top and the hairstyle. I think it comes together very nicely.

    I would love to have seen something like this for her re-design as opposed to what they actually used. Also (and very importantly with this character specifically) this design would have actually appealed to female readers!

  5. Soften the hair! It’s got a lot of great elements (toga-tee!), but it doesn’t quite work for me. Especially that hair.

  6. Dedpool: EVerything works, except the hair. I just don’t see that working.

    agree,they should be an ancient greek hairstyle but they’re too high and they resemble bride of frankenstein hairs

  7. I really like it. I love the hairstyle, the shirt, the logo. My only issue is the choice of colours. The red and gold are obviously fine, but I would remove either the blue or the black. Personally, as the vest under the red shirt is black, I would leave the black boots and change the trousers (pants) from blue to black, to allow for continuity. The blue as it is disrupts the flow of the outfit for me. Either way, apart from that, a really nice redesign :)

  8. I think some sort of shoe or sandal would work better than the boots. The hair should be shorter (not a shorter haircut, but just not stacked as high) or have more of a flowing look. Other than that, it looks great.

  9. I like the kind of body-builder-meets-Grecian top a lot. I like the boots, but I wish they were flat. I don’t love the hair, though. Combined with all of the gold, it looks too much like the costume for the talent portion of a pageant. I feel like it would be better served by a sensible ponytail. I do wish the cuffs were silver, just to keep with the general continuity. I really like this though, a lot. I’m a sucker for the tee shirt and jeans look on certain Teen Titans, though.

  10. I like everything but the hair and it’s a little too… “casual Dark Phoenix.” Maybe if the boots and under-bra were Donna Troy-style stars, it’d give it some more umph?

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