P:R Redesign: Mike Dialynas’ Batman and Superman!

Note: Some comic book characters’ looks are thoroughly rigid with not much room to play before it seems outside of the the character’s essence, but others can go through remarkable re-envisioning that still stays true to the their roots. Artist Mike Dialynas takes on DC’s two biggest heroes, Batman and Superman, in a thoroughly distinctive bent. – Chris A.

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  1. I appreciate any redesign that makes Superman look like a more conservative authority figure.

    There’s a reason they call him the Big Blue Boy Scout. Any extrapolation of that theme I think is resonant.

  2. LOVE the Superman – seemingly more realistic of an outfit comparing Kryptonian and Earth fashion sense.

    The Bats really reminds me of Owl Man from Crisis on Two Earths, but I love how high-tech he looks. Not to mention that last mask – that actually looks like a bat – scary and perfect.

  3. I like his Superman. I looks neat. Though I don’t love it, because there’s something -approachable- missing from it. To me, the most fun outfits for the Man of Steel is when he’s able to look as comfortable addressing a crowd, or battling a supervillain as he is just talking with Jimmy or Lois. I want a Superman who’s able to joke, and laugh and share in everyone highs and lows without sacrificing that special something that makes people pause and listen when he speaks. This suit is missing that somehow

    His Batman isn’t really anything new, save a few things thrown in that I ADORE TO PIECES. That collar coupled with the back of the helmet, which to me says armor, would be awesome in a complete bat-suit designed to disguise and protect Bruce from some of the more ridiculous of his enemies. Secondly, most of the faceplates are boring and don’t say BATman to me. Then we get to the one all the way on the bottom right, with all the horns and details of a real bat face. Oh my god, I almost squeed at work when I saw that. He looks so much more like a bat with that thing, and it would be pants wettingly horrible if you had to see that in a dark alley bearing down on you. If the rest of the suit took its cues from what he drew from the neck up, I wouldn’t be able to STOP reading these comics

  4. I guess I’m echoing everybody else. I love the SF-militaristic feel of Superman’s look, and in particular appreciate the smaller image wherein he sports the glasses, although I have to wonder why he has them on if they’re not being used to protect his secret identity.

    The Batman look isn’t particularly unique until you get to the Hawkman-esque mask. That mask is AMAZING. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve seen a new design that I felt a look needs to be considered for the character in the actual comics. That is scary.

  5. I can’t watch that Superman,looks like fat and proportions are all wrong,and he has a dumb expression on his face

    Batman is another story,cool,dark terryfing,I would run for my life if I would meet him in real life.
    The costume is perfect for an evil and darker version of Batman or for Owlman.
    The most I watch him the most I like it.
    My true compliments

  6. Love this Batman design. Specifically the full body shot. Looks a little Mignola-esque. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this variation of the chest piece on Batman, but I like it. Bold, original and transitions into the cape well.

    Prefer the more traditional cowl he designed myself, but the bat-mask looks cool.

    Did a very quick sketch of it (on my blog) and its a really fun look to draw.

  7. Naw, Batman is all about striking fear into the hearts of criminals. The last mask makes people not want to commit crime again just so they never have to see THAT again. It’s not evil, especially since the faceplate comes off, so we can see the much more attractive Bruce underneath

  8. Bat’s mask resembling bat’s nose is just perfect…I’ve been trying to redesign batman mask for a lonf time, maybe I should upload what I got so far, is pretty similar.

    Supes: meh, lack of cape is a downer
    Bats: O-SSUM

  9. Love both designs, Superman needs a cape of some sort, imo tho. Really dig this Batman especially with the creepy real bat facemask.

  10. Any design that makes Superman look more like a soldier (i.e., the Heroes Reborn – uh, I mean, New 52 version) seems utterly to misunderstand his character to me.

    For a look at a full Batman costume that is inspired by the actual animal, check out What if Stan Lee Had Created the DC Universe. It doesn’t work there, either.

  11. Only issue with the Batman look is peripheral vision-how does he turn his head? That being said, I love the batface mask as much as anyone else.

  12. It makes sense that Supes would be fat. He can lift 100 tonnes with a pinky, so he can’t lift weights. He can run at the speed of light, so jogging won’t work. He doesn’t have time to count calories so he just downs buffet between lives saved. To me, this is the definitive Superman.

  13. I think Superman needs a bigger emblem and a cape. Aside from that, although it’s not the direction I would take his costume, it looks pretty good.

    Batman is interesting. Although it may not look better than the classic version, I think what Mike did with the mask is original and cool. I’d have to see this costume drawn in a different art style to really know how I feel about it.

    I’d like to see other members of the JLA reimagined by Mike.

  14. Hey guys, thanks for the comments and i’m really glad you like the Bat-like mask.
    It was a spur of the moment and i really think it could work. maybe the suit might need to blend in with it a little more and not stand out so much but i’m all for the fact that Batman should strike FEAR into his enemies!

  15. I think my redesign (you can see it on my dA gallery) for Superman and Batman has a lot in common with Mike’s. The idea that Superman doesn´t have to use tights and capes can really get in the way during a fight, or be teared to shreds during a high velocity flight. His Batman too… we both tryed to make him look more like a bat, more scary….

    I like it! :)

  16. Ash: It makes sense that Supes would be fat. He can lift 100 tonnes with a pinky, so he can’t lift weights. He can run at the speed of light, so jogging won’t work. He doesn’t have time to count calories so he just downs buffet between lives saved. To me, this is the definitive Superman.

    This cracked me up. In the artist’s defense though, I think he was going more for barrel-chested than fat, which is a pretty Golden Age circus strongman way to go. I didn’t even consider him to be fat before reading the comments.

  17. I like the Superman body type there. I see it as only a little heavy in that burly big dude way… sort of like Mr. Incredible, super-strong jock highschool athlete gone to seed.

    It works for me because if Clark rippled with extraordinary muscles at all times, surely someone at the Planet would notice that happy crappy. Whereas cornfed Midwestern amiable good ol’ Clark… etc.

  18. Cool designs for both. I feel that Batman is slightly stronger than Supes here, but they both work well.

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