Call For Submissions for Fan-Art Friday: Lois Lane

Note: After the outpouring from artists and commenters from our Fan-Art Friday: Jamie McKelvie’s Captain Marvel a few weeks back, we’re returning with another one spotlighting DC’s Lois Lane. Whether as The Daily Planet‘s star reporter, Clark Kent’s dream girl or her own adventures as Superwoman, Lane has carved out an enduring role in comics. For this Fan-Art Friday, the deadline for submissions is Thursday, June 7 at 1pm Eastern time. Email them to us at To get you inspired, below is a piece of fan art Ramon Villalobos did based on Dean’s Lois Lane, Girl Reporter pitch for DC. – Chris A.

13 comments to “Call For Submissions for Fan-Art Friday: Lois Lane”
  1. Disaffected insomniac reporter Lois Lane, here I come

    No, I’m not kidding. I’m really drawing her deadpan and like she hasn’t slept. It’s gonna be sweet

  2. Mike: I think you’re projecting too much on this. If you look at the artist’s other work, you’ll see its just part of his style.

  3. I love Lois Lane so damn much it hurts. Amazing Star reporter. Incredible woman. Soulmate of Superman. (And yes, she is his soulmate. Anyone who does not get that does not get him.) Love her so much.

  4. Projecting? Listen this isn’t about psycho-analysis, she just looks Asian… and if I was commenting on any of his other stuff I would say it looked Asian too. Its in the eyes the shape of her face even the style she’s dressed in. It came across as an Asian interpretation of Lois Lane.

  5. This a bit TOO practical and busy for me. Maybe a Lois Lane in college, but even then I think she would be to conscious of how her dress would be seen by others. LL is a consummate professional.

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