Reminder For Submissions For Fan-Art Friday: Lois Lane!

Note: A friendly reminder that we’re accepting submissions now through June 7th at 1pm Eastern Time for Fan-Art Friday: Lois Lane. Email them to us at To get you thinking, here’s Frank Quitely’s illustration of Lane as Superwoman from the cover of All-Star Superman #3. – Chris A.

5 comments to “Reminder For Submissions For Fan-Art Friday: Lois Lane!”
  1. I’ve got my concept for this and I’m psyched to get to work on it. I wanted to do Reporter Lois Lane at first but it looks like I’m going the Superwoman route.

  2. That big circular symbol in the middle of Lois’s chest clashes a little with the egg halves on her shoulders and waist. Come to think of it, I’m not a huge fan of the cape as it is now. I’m not sure how the ovals on it are supposed to function. They look like they’re supposed to be shoulder-guards…but attached to her cape, which otherwise looks quite loose. I think her unitard design would look much better on its own if the cape didn’t wrap around the front. Maybe even a high collar like Power Girl’s would add a little dignity to the outfit.

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