P:R Redesign: Denis Medri’s Rockabilly Batman Rogues!

Note: Continuing his one-man action plan on convincing DC to take Batman back to the 1950s, artist Denis Medri is back with the rest of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. That Two-Face really lives up to the considerable requests we’ve received for this rendition, and that Harleyquinn could be America’s (evil) sweetheart. – Chris A.

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  1. With every addition I love this series of pics more and more. The bubblegum and the gag pistol with Harleyquinn are great. Also, that Riddler – nice touch with the 3D glasses!

    Killer Croc’s lips make him look more geriatric than dermatologically challenged, and I almost overlooked the spiny details on his arms. Mister Freeze is a bit too Luthor for me, but I love the concept and the style of it all. Excellent stuff!

  2. I don’t agree with Paul, I think these are great. Although I do understand what he is saying about some of the rogues, The defiantly come off as younger than Rockabilly batman or their modern counterparts.

    It works for Harley, but putting two face in a letterman jacket kind of makes hime look half rebel without a pulse half bif from back top the future. I think modern audiences associate those jackets with jerks.

    I love killer Croc! For some reason it makes me think of Azzarello run on Batman, when Croc wore a suit and was more of a mob enforcer.

    Freeze does nothing for me, other than the glasses there is nothing that tells me who the character is supposed to be.

  3. I’m sorry but I guess I’m not seeing what everyone else is in these designs. The high school Jock/Biker Rebel Two-Face is interesting, but I don’t feel as if an association between Batman and Rockabilly works all that well.

  4. why am i not reading this mini series right now? DC needs to get a good writer behind this yesterday!

  5. Love ’em. The 3D glasses on Riddler make me happier than seems reasonable.

    Harley is awesome. She absolutely looks like a good girl gone bad.

    Great stuff, and I really really dig the style and draftsmanship.

  6. Great work as ever!Riddler is fantastic,using the old 3D glasses as mask is a great idea,and I totally love two face,half high school good guy half teddy boy,looks like an half Ricky Cunningam and an half the Fonz from Happy Days.
    I like Harley queen as race queen,roller skates fit totally for her character,with that long skirt I hope noone will talk nonsenses about sexism and fanservice this time…….
    I have to admit I’m a bit deluded by mister freeze,the formal suit doesn’t fit for his character for me,it would be cool seeing him in a dieselpunk armor inspired by normal technological devices of the 50’s,expecially fridges of course.

  7. Yeah, was wondering when these were going to be put up. I think I just want to give this guy a hand for fusing two different elements to make something this cohesively designed. It works on most levels and that’s all you can ask for.

  8. This continues to be great. I’d love to read it. I love Harley. It’s maybe my favorite in the series. I do agree with criticisms of Two Face though, I think he looks much too young. Maybe one half the country club preppy 50’s, and the other half the corporate ‘Mad Men’. I don’t love Mr. Freeze, though I do like him being dressed down.. I’d really like some retro ‘space’ type gear. I LOVE the 3D glasses on the Riddler. It’s a fantastic touch.

  9. These are all amazing. Very thoughtful design work and a stunning adaptation of the characters personalities into the 1950’s aesthetic. I would certainly read an on going elseworlds based on this. It’s not more outlandish than Gotham by Gas Light or that time BatMan was a pirate and a pilgrim…and quite frankly the 50’s had some of the best design work out of any decade.

    I wouldn’t be as interested in 60’s Hippie BatMan or 70’s Disco Batman, or 80’s Breakin’ Batman. Alright, maybe Disco Batman….

  10. Denis, I absolutely love these, dude. The concept is brilliant and fun. The designs are playful and well-considered. I wish this was a 6 part story that I was reading right now. If DC were smart they’d hire you to develop this.

    My only wish is that they were inked and lovingly colored. I checked out your Deviant Art page and saw a couple of inked pieces, but I’m not sure whether or not you inked them or if someone else inked your pencils.

    Would you mind if I inked and colored them after you? Just for fun, of course. I’m a professional illustrator and I swear I won’t butcher them. Feel free to say “no”, but I thought I’d ask. And I apologize if you ink your own work and didn’t have time or decided against inking these.

    Either way…keep up the good work.

  11. These are just wonderful. The Harley Quinn / Riddler pair are wonderful. Love the 3D glasses for the Riddler and the bubblegum and roller skate for Harley. Brilliant!

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