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  1. I’m not too keen on the Power Girl-style bared bosom… perhaps if that section were red and the starburst moved up… otherwise, I like the bared arms, the boots and the cape/scarf… well done. :)

  2. I for one do not welcome the ‘boob window’s return. Aside from that, isn’t this a rather cluttered and uneven design? Why only one glove? Why the black armband? The lower half looks particularly plain. Sorry, but I fail to see how this is inspired.

  3. The scarf seems dangerous for a flying/punching character. No capes! Otherwise it looks good. Why just one glove?

  4. The “boob window” doesn’t really bother me, but I don’t think it works for the character. I agree with GM, move that starburst up to the “window” area and we’re golden!

  5. Not digging this Supergirl/Dazzler inspired Ms. Captain Marvel…although the brown is a nice addition to the usual color scheme.

  6. I’m going to join the chorus on te boob window- it’s sexist and unnecessary. Aside from that the starburst on the stomach is just weird. Also, for some reason te boots don’t work well either. It frankly just doesn’t look like a practrical garmet for flying and getting into fights.

  7. This seems basically like a power girl repaint with a scarf-cape.

    I generally like to think that redesigns should be in some way better than the originals that they’re taking on. This doesn’t seem inspired. Rather, it seems pandering.

    I think we can do without cleavage-holes in pretty much all female costumes from now on.

    On the other hand, I actually like weird asymmetry, so the glove and arm-band score points with me as long as they have some sort of reason behind them.

  8. I have absolutely no problem with the boob window, BUT… with the tiny cape-like scarf and the short blonde hair, she’s already using a lot of Power Girl elements.

    Very cool redesign for PG, though.

  9. Yeah, the boob window appears to be there solely to show off cleavage — it doesn’t harmonize at all with the design. (The way it’s currently drawn, it doesn’t even look centered.)

    Not really a fan of this one.

  10. I don’t care for the Power Girl inspired Boob Window, but I think it’s otherwise alright

  11. Finally! Her new outfit really doesn’t show the right amount of cleavage befitting an Air Force captain.

    Seriously, P:R. After all the comments on the unnecessary skin on Black Widow in the Avengers D&D design, how did you think people would react to this? As LXNDR said, the pixie cut just makes this look like Power Girl doing Capt. Marvel cosplay. I usually decry people who criticize harshly online, but this is objectively unoriginal and uninspired.

  12. As a female (and I recognize that there are other females on this site that will openly object to this) I enjoy looking sexy. Showing off my assets, if you will. Whether it be at work, the gym, daily basis, so on. Why can’t an empowered woman look sexy while being a super hero? I see no problem with the showing of skin. Neither do many women. It’s the feminist viewpoint that does. Does the cleavage window work on this particular costume? Not exactly. Does it work well on some characters? Yes. That’s all I have to say on this matter.

  13. Thanks for your perspective on this. Sometimes we might go a bit overboard, but I think most of our kvetching deals with outfits not being sexy but being downright exploitative to women.

  14. I keep checking this site for the occasional gems, but this is just one more that shows there’s very little quality control in what you guys will put up here. The art is only slightly better than amateurish, the design is less than exciting, and even those of us who try not to complain are having a hard time feeling like this is worth checking out.

    Apologies to the artist, but this is just not up to snuff. I feel so rude for saying that, and I’m really sorry about it. I know you’ve probably worked hard on this. But as an artist myself, if you’re going to put your work out there, you have to be able to take the criticism. Your painting skills are good, but you need to work on anatomy, proportion and perspective in your figure drawing. I didn’t like the Storm outfit very much, but for merely personal taste reasons. It was at least interesting and aesthetically pleasing in its own way. This design just misses on a lot of points that have already been detailed in other comments.

    I’ll say this: You’re putting your work out there, and that’s good. Keep working.

  15. Damn got some pretty harsh crits on this drawing! Which, for the most part, I took with a grain of salt, but the last one by Adam was really rough. It hurt to see such a harsh critisism from a fellow artist but found it especially odd since I’d never seen any of Adam’s work posted here before. I admit it really pissed me off when he made comments about my perspective and anatomy but then I was immediately alleviated after I checked out his website and saw what he thought was good anatomy, proportion and design. I’ll be the first to concede that I have a lot to work on in terms of drawing but I’ll take the drawing crits from artist that I believe are better than myself.

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