P:R Redesign: Franco Spagnolo’s Avengers!

Note: It seems everyone’s got the Avengers on their mind, and Argentenian artist Franco Spagnolo has his own take on the core four of Marvel’s mightiest heroes. Some are simply stylistic differences, while others are full-on revamps. Captain America’s stands out for me as the best, and I’m plain afraid of Hulk’s biker shorts. – Chris A.

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  1. This Thor doesn’t look “mighty” too me, Iron-Man looks like a Transformer from the movie, and I’ve never been a fan of hunchback Hulks. Captain America is, on the other hand, a good mixture of the movie suspenders, the ultimate helmet and the classic look.

  2. I’m a fan of Mr. Spagnolo’s lines and colors. Reminds me a bit of Pasqual Ferry’s more recent art. Some design touches are nice, but I can’t picture a human inside that Iron Man armor, Thor needs massive arms, and Hulk should probably have a less monstrous head if only to appear not so dumbed-down. I’m not sure what’s going on around Cap’s neck. Without the fur, I really support Thor’s outfit.

  3. I like to be surprised by redesigns, so I enjoy several elements of Spagnolo’s Avengers. Captain America’s collar is pretty great, and I like the feathered scale mantle. The WWII browns aren’t new but I always like them. Iron Man’s bulky design feels more “armor-like”, but also more alien in aesthetic than usual. I think I like Thor best, with a more classical Norse fashion sense. The Hulk (and it’s right there in the name, I guess) has the least to talk about, though stretchy pants certainly would be a convenient choice for poor Dr. Banner.

  4. I’m loving the Hulk belly! Great stuff. Cap is definitely the best of the bunch. I like the collar quite a lot.

  5. You know, I’m not sure I’d have that be the standard look for Cap, but the whole scale mail shoulder ruffle is really quite nice – gives him a bit of an eagle look.

  6. I really love Captain America here. In most cases the scales just do not work for me, but Mr. Spagnolo pulls it off. My one complaint is that the glove on the left hand should match the one on the right, or maybe vice versa, because I like the sleeve of his jacket a lot. The jacket as a whole is amazing.

    I think Mike and Alex Mitchell pretty much summed up what I took from this design of Iron Man. I can’t imagine a real human fitting inside the armor the way it looks here, but the artist’s drawing style is probably to blame for that. And even though it doesn’t necessarily reflect Tony Stark, I’m fond of the helmet’s face for some reason.

    Thor is a little bland. I don’t like the gloves, and there’s nothing that really stands out on his costume. It should be a little more ornate in some places, and he needs a helmet.

    After reading Bear’s comment, the Hulk belly is all I can see. Please add “Hulk-belly” to the P:R dictionary. You guy’s are still keeping that thing going, right?

    More than anything, I was blown away by the artist’s color choices, which were excellent through and through. Great job, Mr. Spagnolo!

  7. None of these are really bad, but I’m just not clicking on Cap or Iron Man. The scale mantle is either someone’s favorite thing, or ruins it. for me, it ruins it. Iron Man is too complicated for me. Thor on the other hand is straight up norse and that’s groovy. The Hulk having some extra padding is a unique stylistic choice. He’s brutish and monstrous. Making him more of a caveman really does give you the image of him as a dim brute counterpart to Banner

  8. I don’t really like the Iron Man design much at all.

    The Captain America design is pretty great (though I’m not a fan of the scales) and I also love the collar. I really enjoy the aspect of an armored mantle over a reinforced aviator jacket. Also, an often overlooked but ever-important aspect of Cap’s costume – thank you for keeping the cuff-boots!

    Hulk is amazing. I enjoy the ogre-look. He seems curious like a massive wild animal.

    Thor is my favorite by far. I’ve seen quite a few ancient painted and carved images of scenes from Norse mythology. This very natural and “realistic” interpretation of Thor, by comparison, makes me smile. : )

  9. Not arguing that this fellow can draw… but that has to be about the worst design for a Hulk that I have ever seen.

  10. I like the Thor as well. The Cap is okay. The Iron Man and Hulk are too disproportional for my tates.

  11. Eu achei que ficaram ótimos. O Homem-de-Ferro eu não curti muito, mas valeu a ideia. O Hulk ficou com um visual bem Dr. Hide, o Thor ficou perfeito, bem ao estilo da mitologia nórdica. Nota 10!

  12. I typically like when Iron Man’s designed like something that was made with flying in mind, but this one seems to go in the opposite direction and still kind of makes it work. He’s like a tank on legs! Would probably need either an extra pair of legs or some treads in place of those toothpick feet though.

  13. Love the Hulk here. It has that edge of “surly, mean drunk” that suggests some actual personality to the Jade Jawed Goliath. I like my Hulk to be more than a Smash Machine (which is why The Avengers’ Hulk worked and the prior movie versions didn’t).

    The Thor design is fantastic all over, especially the furred cape.

    I don’t love Cap’s scale mail, but I am all over the collar design.

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