Off-Duty: Katrina Navarro’s Robin of Earth 2!

Note: After a too-long absence, Katrina Navarro returns to P:R with two great takes on DC’s female Robin of Earth 2. After her last outing with her superhero-inspired outfits, I didn’t think she could top herself.. but she did. Katrina does these as designs for clothes she wants to make, but I’d love to see these show up in the comics themselves! – Chris A.


6 comments to “Off-Duty: Katrina Navarro’s Robin of Earth 2!”
  1. Yeah, I’d do this Robin. Superior to the mullet any day.

    Good lord, I hate the Earth 2 designs so much.

  2. I dunno if I’d want to jump across rooftops in a skirt. Supergirl might giver her some advice.

  3. I don’t think they’re supposed to be functional crime-fighting outfits, just designs for female Robin-themed outfits.

  4. so Batman is hiring gothic lolitas now…..seriously I love the first costume,is so sexy and hot,it mash-up gothic lolita style and superhero costumes

  5. I was wondering when we would see more of Katrina’s amazing work. Somebody tell her she’s not allowed to stay away from P:R for months at a time anymore. These outfits are both pretty wonderful, but I have to say that the second one is the best. The plaid button-up shirt works really well and the hat is great. Awesome job, Katrina. Stick around.

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