P:R Redesign: Stefan Tosheff’s X-Men!

Note: Artist Stefan Tosheff makes a great debut today with his tribute to the “All-New, All-Different” era of the X-Men by taking Dave Cockrum’s ideas and giving them a new spin. These costumes, largely created by picking and choosing from each character’s designs over the years, has some interesting elements and a great cohesiveness that’s lost in many superhero teams today. – Chris A.


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  1. I like these alot. If these appeared in a line-wide X-Men new costume thing, I’d totally dig it. A few thoughts:

    First… BANSHEE!!!! That’s the best he’s ever looked, and he’s one of my all time favorites. The hood on Nightcrawler is also a perfect addition.

    I really dig the redesigned visor on Cyke, but it seems that the actual ruby-quartz lens is a little too shapely, looking more like cool sunglasses than the somewhat disconcerting “one-eyed” look that gives him his nickname. With that stylish helmet his name should be “Blast-O” or something :)

    Why does Colossus, who should need the least padding, have apparently the most? But the fact his hair is metal is a huge improvement, and that when you’re made of magic indestructible metal you don’t need a build like a WWE wrestler is nice.

    I can see both sides of the “give an Indian a tomahawk” issue, and agree it can be problematic. Using obsolete weaponry to show someones culture strikes me as a little “Contest of Champions” lazy. 200 years ago Germans were fighting with muskets, but no one sees fit to arm Nightcrawler with one. On the other hand, your entire costume is MILES better than the feather-headdress he rocks in the real comic, although the bird logo (?) on his chest is a little hard to read.

    The logo on Wolverine’s hip DOES seem like an afterthought… but doesn’t that just fit his character perfectly? :)

  2. A minor complaint, and one that should be made more often: could we please stop identifying native Americans and other indigenous people by slapping stereotyped accoutrements/names on them? Like “warpath” isn’t bad enough without a tomahawk. “Oooh, he must be a brave savage!”


  3. Bruce B. : You have a valid point, but your argument should be against Marvel — not the artist. The character of Warpath and Thunderbird were written this way extensively in the past, so for an artist redesigning these characters, like Stefan has, it would be inaccurate not to include that part of the character. Even the tomahawks are from the official Marvel Comics version, not something new Stefan introduced.

    But besides that one issue you have, what do you think of Stefan’s designs as a whole?

  4. Chris A.: My point is valid against the current artist, too, by the very nature of THIS site — which is to RE design costumes. We’re much more aware of cultural appropriate/stereotyping years post-Claremont. There’s really no good reason to not step out of that historical shadow.

    As for the other costuming interpretations….

    I found Nightcrawler’s hood unnecessary to fit his personality or origin or physicality. The hood hides nothing if he still shows a tail, and acrobatically it just gets in the way.

    I like Wolverine’s pared-down color combo. More utilitarian for a stalker/hunter/fighter type. Good choice.

    Storm? Eh. Simple but effective. Not unattractive.

    Cyclops has always been a problem by the nature of his name and powers — how do you highlight “one eye” zapping rays? It’s all in the mask, and this mask carries a little more emotional impact than his standard gold visor.

    Colossus looks unbalanced, top versus bottom. The pants by themselves don’t work.

    Banshee, for some reason I can’t identify, makes me happy. (Maybe it’s the body type and facial hair chosen here, as well as the costume?) Nice job.

  5. Not bad for most, but Cyclops’ visor looks way too much like the one worn by Scott Summers/Basilisk in “Age of X” as drawn by Clay Mann and Steve Kurth. Tosheff basically just ripped it off with a few small changes.

  6. Over all I enjoy them, but one point of contention…

    Thunderbird, with a tomahawk? Why, why must every Native American character have a either a bow and arrow or fucking tomahawk. I’m Native and I have never so much as touched a tomahawk, it’s borderline racism and getting really frigging frustrating.

  7. Pretty good. These Wolverine design looks like the Hugh Jackman’s version of the mutant. Storm, Colossus and Nightcrawler are incredible too.

  8. Storm is easily my favorite X-man, and I am undoubtably the only person on the planet who hates Mohawk Storm. She was a regal person, worshipped as a goddess in her country… but because of some internal conflicts over a darkness and nearly killing Callisto, she shaves her head and gets a punk rocker look. I don’t mind the punk mohawk stuff on a girl, but not on someone like her. So the Skrillex hair and tattoo bugged me, but it seems more like the design is based off Ultimate Storm, who was a thief… Jean Grey had to break her out of a cell before recruiting her. The mohawk and Skrillex works there, but not on Mainstream Storm.

  9. Have you guys considered that maybe in your zeal to be politically correct you overlooked the fact that he’s carrying hatchets and not tomahawks? Maybe *you’re* the racists for assuming they’re tomahawks. Did you think of that? All I know is that I have just wept a single tear for the lack of proper education regarding axe classification in our so-called “schools”.

  10. To be honest, I’m more offended at the shoddy workmanship on the hatchet in his hand. That shit would snap like a twig. Who the hell is he getting his hatchets from? C’mon, Thunderbird, I expect more out of you.

  11. This may be my favorite nightcrawler design ever. The hood reminds me of the whole raised-by-monks thing, and the darker skin color really suits him.

  12. @firestormer You’re definitely not the only one who hates mohawk Storm, I am a longtime fan of storm and until recently she was my absolute favorite female character of all time. The mohawk doesn’t work for her in any way at all.

    And at everyone whining about “Every Native American person has tomahawks” have you forgotten Forge? He’s a Native American and one of the best engineers in the Marvel Universe. He uses robots and giant cannons and crap. If Warpath were to use a tomahawk it to pay respect to his culture it wouldn’t be out of character in the slightest. Warpath’s cultural is an important and defining aspect of his personality. It’s very important to him.

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  14. This team is spot on. I think Cyclops can use some head gear though to go better with his armored suit. All in all, this is one heck of a team… I got no other complaints, love the colors, the practicality, probably my second favorite rendition.

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