Reminder: Submissions Always Welcome!

Teen Titans Redesign By Eric Canete, Submitted to P:R in 2006

Note: We recently fielded a number of letters from P:R readers on Facebook, Twitter and Email asking questions about submitting, so we thought we should clear things up.

Project: Rooftop is always open for submissions. While we do have special contests from time-to-time focused on specific characters, we’re also open to seeing artists’ reinterpretations of superheroes and villains. Read the full guidelines to give your entry the best chance possible to be selected, and email it in to us! If P:R likes what we see, we’ll post it! – Chris A.

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  1. Eric Canete is just wonderful – always deeply felt and thought-out. The Donna Troy is Great as well as the Starfire/Nightwing pair (her taller than him)… and I like the nuts&bolts feel of the Cyborg, he could be reassembling himself as needed. Big fan here of Canete.

  2. Your statement in the Guidelines is quite clear when you say that “If you have to put the character’s name in the image, you haven’t done your job.” The character must be easily recognizable. My concern is that I love to redesign the look of more obscure heroes, such as Hillbilly Marvel, the ’80s hero Air Wave, and Golden Age teen hero Rainbow Boy. While these are heroes whose looks desperately need an upgrade, it’s likely the average Project: Rooftop visitor may not recognize them. Should I refrain from my submissions on these grounds? Please advise. Many thanks. -Briz

  3. I sent in emails asking this before, but does it have to be hand drawn art? Can it be a design done by one person and then redrawn by another?

  4. It can be hand-drawn, digitally done, anything. It has to be original though — you can’t trace someone else’s work, unless you and them are submitting it jointly with their approval.

  5. Brian: what that quote means is that it has to look somewhat like the character has looked officially. Even obscure characters are known by some people, so I wouldn’t discount those people. Just think — for the people that DO know this character I’m redesigning, is my redesign have a visual connection to that official original design? If the answer is yes, submit it.

  6. Great info. I’ve always loved looking at this site and I think I too may be sending some submitting in.

    One question regarding original work though: Let’s say I draw a redesign and put it to the homage of famous image, would that be okay? Not traced or anything (I get that). Example: A redesign of Giganta drawn in reference to Attack of the 50ft. Tall Woman.

  7. Pete: I’d recommend focusing on the redesign. Adding in another context, such as a homage to a movie, might distract from the redesign. If you’re intent on doing it, considering doing two images — one just a redesign, and one with your redesign plus homage idea. If we like the redesign and its not traced, we’ll run it!

  8. Hi

    I’ve redesigned a few Public Domain superheroes and commissioned people who can actually draw (unlike me) to draw them up. May I submit those images?


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