Call For Submissions for Fan-Art Friday: Captain America… July 4th Edition!

Note: With the United States’ Independence Day barrelling towards us, we thought we’d celebrate P:R style by inviting artists far and wide to draw Captain America in our next Fan-Art Friday event. Back in 2010 we had a star-studded Captain America: Fighting Styles redesign contest, but don’t let all that talent scare you away! You can draw Cap from his classic costumes from comics or think up a star-spangled upgrade! For this Fan-Art Friday, the deadline for submissions is Monday, July 2nd at 1pm Eastern time. Email them to us at To get you inspired, below is Daniel Heard‘s winning entry into Captain America: Fighting Styles which Mark Waid described as “Cap by way of Howard Chaykin. – Chris A.

6 comments to “Call For Submissions for Fan-Art Friday: Captain America… July 4th Edition!”
  1. If i may make a suggestion I would suggest an event for every patriotic hero of comics,not only Cap but also Fighting Yank,The Shield,Uncle Sam.Star Sprangled Kid and Stripsey,and all the other appeared during Golden Age.

  2. I still find this design hilarious. Was the idea that it should be a costume that could be worn in an actual issue of Avengers or was it just, if a fashion designer had to make an impractical “modern day” version of Caps uniform how would it look?

    Because I think my head would explode if I ever saw Steve Rogers wearing that vespa helmet/soccer umpire getup alongside Iron Man and Thor on a comic page.

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