Fan-Art Friday: Captain America!

Note: Apologies for the delay, but we’re here with the entries into the patriotic pageantry that is Fan-Art Friday: Captain America. Marvel’s Sentinel of Liberty hasn’ tlooked better than in the pencils of some obviously adoring fans we’re showcasing today, including more than a couple professional artists and P:R Regulars. Thanks to everyone for submitting, and enjoy the art! – Chris A.

Todd Loessy

Kris Anka

John J. Freeze

Thomas Fummo

Tarun Padmakumar

Shaun Riaz

Shane Chowtee

Pablo Alcalde

Nate Getz

Max Miller

Mark Bello

Kelyn Andrasko

Josh Lynch

Todd Loessy (no name or website given) (no name or website given)

Jeremy Todd

Javey Villones

Jarrod Prince

Chris Graves


Anthony Farrar

Andy Manley

Andre Cui

Alex Ward

Aaron Schultz

Aaron Schultz

12 comments on “Fan-Art Friday: Captain America!
  1. You have made me a tremendously happy bunny! Thank you so much for featuring my pic and apologies for the perhaps excessive pleading and whining in previous comments.

    Mark Bello, although I have criticised some of your previously featured designs, I think your Cap is my favourite of the bunch :) Great job to you and everyone else who submitted!

  2. Really like the ammo pouch “stripes” on that Shaun Riaz design– I wonder how that would limit Cap’s movement– but, very cool design. There’s definitely a really sharp practical idea in there, it maybe needs a slight tweak.

  3. Glad to finally sneak into one of these things.

    I really like Josh Lynch’s Luchadore meets Paul Pope design.

  4. Whoever Jhanus is, his figure is so neat. I actually like the details he used, such at the chest plate being where all the Cap familiar designs are. That said, the flag belt buckle is cringe-worthy and detracting from what is a really well thought out design.

    Alex Ward gets points for a good Captain Steven Rogers Dress Uniform, though unlike supes, I can’t see this transitioning to his combat uniform.

    Jarrod Prince’s illustration has so much kinetic energy, that I can’t help but love it.

    Javey Villones… holy crap. That’s a poster. How may I go about finding you and duplicating you so that your talent may proliferate?

    Jeremy Todd… I like that outfit a lot, and the fact that it’s a propoganda poster tickles me pink.

    Todd Loessy’s torso shot of Cap… Nothing new, but really well executed and worthy of note. Technically it’s aces.

    Josh Lynch… I hid under my bed for a few minutes after seeing this picture. That Cap scares me. Is that Wolverine in that suit? He looks short… and angry.

    Mark Bello’s outfit is really nice and believable. It captures the essence of Cap in a tight, period authentic way without really losing what made him super-heroy.

    Pable Alcalde’s illustration is just nifty, harkening back to a Silver Age image but working with the modern costumes.

    Shaun Riaz. Technically, the best of the bunch. You’re really approaching photo realism. That said, how does he move with those pounches? That looks really uncomfortable and I can’t love an outfit I can’t believe he could move in.

    Tarun Padmakumar really stripped Cap down to the essential commando look, and I applaud that bravery. It’s not the patriotic hero we know, but it could be any point during his lifetime.

    Thomas Fummo’s redesign of the outfit is kinda goofy, but I really like it. It’s cool in a kind of 90’s way.

    Kris Anka. I saw this when you posted it months ago. Still a really good look, but nothing new really

    Tod Loessy’s action shot, it looks like you illustrated a page right out of the comic. If you’re not a pro, that’s a real slight against the industry. Keep up the good work

  5. Thanks for featuring my work!

    Thanks for the kind words. I really appreciate it. I’m not a comic book pro, but I do work in the art field.

    Next up: A submission for the Fantastic Four redesign.

  6. Man, I hunted forever for that belt buckle, too. :) I really wanted one like the movie serial Cap but never got it. Name’s Joe Hanus, BTW.

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